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Adoration Chapel Re-Opening Tuesday August 1st 9 am

The Adoration Chapel will be closing today July 17 at 9am.

Starting today Monday, July 17th. at 9am the Adoration Chapel will be closed and locked for construction to help sound proof the room.

The Chapel will remain closed and locked for one to two weeks.

There will be an announcement on the website when it reopens. For those adorers that have signed up an email will be sent when the Chapel reopens.

An update from our Pastor 07/26/2017

Mother of Mercy Perpetual Adoration Chapel Adorers,

Based on the estimate of the work being done in the Parish Center we plan to reopen the Adoration Chapel on Tuesday, Aug. 1st at 9am. Construction, floor installation, and painting should be completed by this Friday, July 28th. Maintenance needs a full day on Monday, July 31st to clean, put up pictures and set up furniture. Everything should be ready on Tuesday, Aug. 1st at 9am to begin Perpetual Adoration again.

Thanks for everyone’s cooperation and patience during this time of construction. We hope that you will enjoy the silence that we have tried to provide for our adorers. Now if you need to utilize the bathrooms or go into the Parish Center the door from the chapel into the Parish Center will lead you down a corridor and the door at the end of the corridor on the right will lead you directly into St. Dominic Lobby. Thus you will no longer have to walk through any meetings that are taking place in St. Joseph Room. It is a vast improvement for quiet and entering and exiting the chapel into the Parish Center.

May our Eucharistic Lord continue to bless you for your time of adoration.

Rev. André-Joseph LaCasse, O.P.
Pastor: St. Gertrude Church
6543 Miami Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45243