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Crosses of the Innocents - October 6th

The Elder Council Knights of Columbus and St. Gertrude Respect Life Committee invite all members of St. Gertrude parish to participate in the installation of the Crosses of the Innocents on the parish grounds on Saturday October 6th immediately following 8AM mass. This public pro-life display is an opportunity for the parish to support the worldwide Fall 40 Days For Life campaign that begins on Sept. 23.

We will be installing over 4000 white crosses on the grounds facing Miami Ave. to mark our support of “life” – both born and unborn – and as a visual reminder of the 4000 abortions that take place daily across the United States of America. The crosses will be up for 2 weeks and serve a dual purpose: to memorialize those lives lost to abortion and, importantly, as a reminder to all those passing by that it will take each and every one of us contributing to the pro-life cause if we are to end this unprecedented and ongoing attack on innocent life.

As the sign pictured below says “Let’s build a community of Love, Truth, and Hope where all life is respected!” This sign will be erected on the grounds along with the crosses.

Please save the date and join the Knights of Columbus and your fellow parishioners in this worthy endeavor. And if you can’t join us, please pray for the success of our initiative. For more information, please contact Tom Hahn at 513-831-2386. Note: please bring a hammer from home to help with installation

Oct 6 2012 - 8:00am - 10:00am