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Festival News - February 25, 2018

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the major award club (pink envelopes). We are off to a great start!

The auction is well under way, however we are in need of a few solicitors in the Montgomery and Milford areas. Each solicitor is being asked to follow up on 10 businesses that have already received an initial letter and pick up a donation. This project can be done anytime from now until May 15, so you can do this at your leisure. If you can help, please contact Cathy Egan at 290-3391.

One of the most popular sections of our auction is the neighborhood baskets. If you have at least 10 families in your neighborhood that is plenty for a nice basket. Please contact Cathy at 290-3391. We have the packets with the letters and basket ideas ready for you. Also included will be a list of your St. Gertrude neighbors to make it easy for you to distribute letters. This is a very easy way for you to help make this years auction the best yet! Again, you can do this project whenever it is convenient for you, it is not due until May 15!

One other point on the auction! It is not too early to drop a donation at the Parish Office. We are ready to go! Questions, contact Jen Steiner 289-6393 or