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To The Heights: A Video Series from Dominicana

In these short videos, the student brothers seek to show how the faith offers compelling answers to life’s essential questions. By grappling with common objections and challenging misconceptions, we hope these videos will encourage people to take another look at the Gospels, and deepen their faith.

To The Heights is meant for believers and non-believers alike. You might watch them as a complement to your own reading, or send them to a friend to start a conversation. The series could also be used in R.C.I.A. or religion classes, as a prelude to discussion of the mysteries of the faith. To The Heights follows the basic structure of the Creed, and each video concludes with the relevant reference to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The name of our series comes from a favorite saying of the famous Lay Dominican, Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, who always strove for great heights, whether in mountain climbing or in the pursuit of holiness. We also drew inspiration from Msgr. Ronald Knox’s translation of Baruch 5:5: “Up, Jerusalem, to the heights! Look to the sun’s rising, and see if thy sons be not coming to thee, gathered from east to west, joyfully acknowledging God’s holy will!”

We will be posting the videos regularly over the coming days, and we hope you find them helpful in living out this Year of Faith with ever greater trust in God’s plan for our happiness.

First Ten Videos
Second Ten Videos