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Sr. Mary Christi Greve, O.P. the New Principal

July 9, 2018

Dear St. Gertrude Parish and School,

I am very happy to announce that Mother Ann Grace Neenan, O.P., the newly-elected Mother General of the Dominican Congregation of St. Cecilia has named Sr. Mary Christi Greve, O.P. the new principal for our school. We also learned that Sisters Veronica Marie, Mary Caroline, and Immaculata Marie will be returning to SGS.

Some of our families may know Sr. Maria Christi who was the principal at SGS between 1998-2003. Sister Maria Christi has proven to be one of the best principals of the Congregation and receives Sr. Mary Aquinas’ complete endorsement. She helped design the new school building but did not stay long enough to enjoy it. She is aware of the many changes and improvements and is excited to be returning to St. Gertrude Parish and School Community. Please join me in welcoming Sr. Maria Christi back to SGS.

I am enclosing the following note from Sister Mary Aquinas:

Dear SGS Families,

Thank you all for seven grace-filled years! Though I poured myself out for you, I received much more in return.
I am closer to Christ for having been with you. My heart overflows with gratitude. The Lord sends me now to the land of my birth, Minnesota. I am very excited! St. Croix Catholic School in Stillwater has been secretly on the top two of my next assignment list. I have family in the Twin Cities area, including my godparents, whom I have not seen since my final profession of vows in 1995. They are aging and my uncle has become forgetful, so to be near them is a great gift. God is so good! And in His goodness, He is sending Sister Maria Christi back to you! Wonders never cease for SGS! She has become one of our best administrators. She helped plan the “new” school building and now will be able to enjoy it, too. She knows the amazing good being accomplished in your midst and the many blessings God has poured out on SGS the past years. She is delighted to be a part of it all. Again, thank you! You are a community of light in a world in need of light. In the spirit of Saint Dominic, keep the torch burning! Be assured of my ongoing prayers. Please pray for me.

We are all deeply saddened to learn that our dear Sr. Mary Aquinas will not be returning. In a particular way, she has become the sister I never had. I will miss her so much, as I am sure all of you will as well. Sister came to us seven years ago when we really needed her leadership, and under her firm and watchful care the school has continued to grow as a wonderful spiritual institution of learning. We will indeed keep her in our prayers during this time of transition. With her busy transition Sr. Mary Aquinas will be unable to come back to St. Gertrude’s for a proper farewell. Believe me, I tried but she simply cannot come. So please feel free to write to her and express your appreciation for all that she has done for us.

Saint Cecilia Convent
801 Dominican Drive
Nashville, TN 37228


Saint Dominic Convent
10711 Penfield Avenue, Circle North
Stillwater, MN 55082

I hope that all of you are having a restful and peaceful summer. I look forward to the children all returning to the school in a few weeks.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. André-Joseph LaCasse, O.P., Pastor