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Little Flower Library

Grand Opening and Blessing of St. Gertrude Little Flower Library. I am happy to announce that after almost one full year of being closed the library is now open. There was a solemn blessing and dedication of the new library on Sunday, January 13 by Rev. André-Joseph LaCasse, O.P.. The library will be open on Sundays when there is Coffee and Donuts, with hopes that we will be able to expand hours as we recruit more library volunteers.

A Note from Mrs. Janet Dorger about our beautiful new library:

“Well the day finally arrived when Fr. André-Joseph blessed the library after the 9:30am Mass last Sunday. Thinking back it is amazing to see the transformation. The library used to house copiers (that didn’t work), TV/VCR carts, broken tables, boxes of old magazines and discarded books, the Parish Center lost and found, and so much more. Books were taken out on an honor system which did not allow us to track where our materials went and if they were returned. Father André-Joseph had a vision that St. Gertrude needed a real library. Not knowing exactly where we were headed, Jana Widmeyer and I began the journey with him.

Today, we are in a much different place. Other than the location, almost everything has changed. I have had people comment that they can’t believe it is even the same room! The walls have been painted and new shelves, furniture and carpet installed. Our books and non-print materials have been screened, cleaned, organized by topic and (drum roll ...) catalogued and labeled!

Thank you to all our volunteers who helped bring the library together. The time you have given this ministry is an important gift that you share with the other members of our parish. We have spent time preparing the library and it is now time to share this wonderful resource with the members of St. Gertrude. It is time for the quiet shelves of the library to come alive and be put to use!” ― Janet Dorger