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Archbishop Elder Council - Measure Up Campaign

One of the important missions of the Knights of Columbus is in support of the COMMUNITY, especially those with special needs and the organizations who serve this population. Locally, the Archbishop Elder Council conducts an annual fundraiser ― the Measure Up campaign – to raise money for area organizations. The Measure Up campaign is the flagship charity fundraiser of the Knights of Columbus nationally and takes place each spring. This campaign supports the developmentally disabled. Elder Council Knights collect donations in front of area grocery stores; these funds are then dispersed to an organization that serves this special population.

Our 2012 campaign was in support of the Bobbie B. Fairfax School. This school – affiliated with Hamilton County developmental Disabilities Services – offers instruction to students with significant disabilities. Also, in March 2013, Elder Council organized a work party to help the school relocate an unused swing set from an overgrown corner of their property to an area where students can now use it for recreation.

In 2013, Elder Council has earmarked St. Rita School for the Deaf as the recipient of Measure Up funds in honor of Gemma Kaufman – daughter of Brother Knight and parishioners Kurt and Rita Kaufman – who attended school at St. Rita.

Want to Learn More about the Knights of Columbus?
Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to all practicing Catholic men 18 or older. If the Archbishop Elder Council sounds like an organization that you would be proud to be a part of, you are invited to come and get to know us at our next Social meeting this Tuesday, August 20 at our council hall in the basement of the Parish Center.

For more information on the Knights, contact Grand Knight Fred Bowling at 513-239-2602.