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An American political analyst has charged that Pope Francis is contributing to "the suicide of Christian Europe" by encouraging immigration from Africa. Speaking to an Italian ... 7 hours 47 min
Archbishop Michel Sabbah, the retired Latin-rite Patriarch of Jerusalem, was among the Palestinian Christian demonstrators arrested by Israeli police on August 30 in a protest against the ... 7 hours 54 min
A study by a lay activist group has shown that most of the Catholics serving in the state legislature support Planned Parenthood. The Catholic Action League found that 52 Catholics in ... 7 hours 59 min
Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI has given testimony for the cause of beatification of Pope John Paul I, the Italian journal Famiglia Cristiana reports. Elected in 1978 to succeed Pope Paul ... 8 hours 6 min
Eleven cardinals, from all around the world, have contributed to a new book arguing against any substantive change in the Church's teaching on marriage. In Eleven Cardinals Speak on ... 9 hours 6 min
The Center for Medical Progress, which has released a series of damaging undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood's involvement in the sale of fetal tissues, has now sent a letter to ... 9 hours 31 min
Pope Francis spoke with American audiences in three different locations on August 31, in a video-link event hosted by the ABC television network. The Pontiff spoke with students at ... 9 hours 39 min
The March for Life has won a permanent injunction barring enforcement of the "Obamacare" contraceptive mandate. A federal court rules on August 31 that the March for Life, the group ... 9 hours 44 min
Pakistani police have arrested five persons suspected of planning the March 15 attacks on two churches in Lahore, the Fides news agency reported. A regional government official said ... 19 hours 11 min
The Church of England's lead bishop for the environment has called upon Anglicans to join Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew in praying for the care of creation on September ... 20 hours 8 min
Speaking with three diocesan newspapers in the United States, the Chaldean Catholic archbishop of Erbil, Iraq, called for the declaration of the killing of Syrian and Iraqi Christians as a ... 20 hours 32 min
Three days after 71 migrants were found dead in a truck in Austria, Pope Francis lamented their deaths following his August 30 Angelus address. "In recent days, many migrants have lost ... 21 hours 1 min
A century to the day after he was beaten and beheaded after refusing to convert to Islam, Bishop Flavianus Michael Malke (Melki) was beatified as a martyr on August 29 at the Patriarchal ... 21 hours 9 min
Reflecting on the day's Gospel reading at Mass, Pope Francis said in his August 30 Sunday Angelus address that Jesus "emphasizes the primacy of the interior of the �heart.'" "Exterior ... 21 hours 42 min
A team of three medical experts, led by forensic pathologist Dr. Giovanni Arcudi, conducted an autopsy on the body of Józef Wesolowski and determined he died of a "cardiac event," ... 22 hours 59 sec

NewsFeeds from Zenit, EWTN,

From: The site of the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
A screen capture shows the link where web users can listen live to WLRU. (Screen shot)

A screen capture shows the link where web users can listen live to WLRU. (Screen shot)

Staff Report

Back in March The Catholic Telegraph reported on WLRU, a radio station run by St. Mary Catholic Church in Hillsboro. At the time, the station could only be heard via radio dial at 106.9 FM and only at a limited range with its 100 watt tower. Now the station can be heard worldwide through online streaming at

Officially the St. Mary Catholic Broadcasting System, Father Mike Paraniuk, pastor of St. Mary, said WLRU has been reaching an area around Highland, Ross, Clinton, Fayette, Brown and even Adams County.

Utilizing Boston-based CatholicTV for some programming and a Gospel music affiliate for others, Father Paraniuk said the station has grown its local programming material

A local rosary is broadcast on Mondays and Sundays, as is Sunday’s 10 a.m. Mass. Thursday night includes a rosary, benediction and Mass, but the programming isn’t all liturgical.

Father Paraniuk hosts The Church Among Us on Monday morning from 10:30-11:30 p.m. The show is a program where he interviews local Protestant ministers to build bridges between faith communities.  Following that is a local news show called the Abernathy Report and then a music review show.

There’s even a Puppy-Kitty report, a show which hopes to help pets get adopted from the Hiland County Animal Shelter and of course there’s Father Paraniuk’s Saturday Night Polka Party show from 7-9 p.m. on Saturdays.

“WLRU is growing up,” Father Paraniuk said. “It’s been like we were learning how to walk, now we’re starting to run.”

To learn more about WLRU, see The Catholic Telegraph’s original report HERE.

Listen live to WLRU now HERE.

Posted August 31, 2015

12 hours 2 min
Pope Francis prays after tossing a wreath into the Mediterranean Sea off the Italian island of Lampedusa July 8.  (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

Pope Francis prays after tossing a wreath into the Mediterranean Sea in 2013. The pontiff called upon other nations Sunday to “do something” to stop the violence against Christians worldwide. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY — “Do something to put a stop to the violence and oppression,” Pope Francis asked the international community after calling attention once again to the fate of persecuted Christians, especially in the Middle East.

After reciting the Angelus Aug. 30, Pope Francis told thousands of people in St. Peter’s Square that, the previous evening in Lebanon, martyred Syriac Bishop Flavien-Michel Malke was beatified.

“In the context of a tremendous persecution of Christians, he was an untiring defender of the rights of his people, exhorting all of them to remain firm in their faith,” the pope said.

“Today as well, in the Middle East and other parts of the world, Christians are persecuted,” the pope said. “May the beatification of this bishop and martyr fill them with consolation, courage and hope.”

Departing from his prepared text, Pope Francis told people in the square, “There are more martyrs (today) than there were in the first centuries” of Christianity.

He prayed that the beatification would “also be a stimulus for legislators and those who govern so that religious freedom would be guaranteed everywhere. And I ask the international community to do something to put a stop to the violence and oppression.”

The beatification liturgy for Bishop Malke was celebrated in Harissa, Lebanon, Aug. 29, the 100th anniversary of his death. Syriac Catholic Patriarch Ignace Youssif III Younan presided at the liturgy; Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for Saints’ Causes was present.

As the Ottoman Empire crumbled in the early 1900s, there were waves of violence and persecution against Christian minorities, especially the Armenians and Syrians. Bishop Malke was the Syriac Catholic bishop of Gazireh, which today is the city of Cizre, Turkey. Although advised to flee, the bishop stayed with his people and was arrested.

Cardinal Amato said the bishop was told that if he converted to Islam, his life would be spared, but he refused and was beheaded.

According to the Vatican, the bishop was born in 1858 in Qal’at Mara in what is now southeastern Turkey. Although his family was Orthodox, he became a Syriac Catholic and joined the Fraternity of St. Ephrem. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1883 and named bishop of Gazireh in 1913.

Posted August 31, 2015

16 hours 23 min

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(Vatican Radio) The head of the U.S Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky, says Pope Francis will come to his country as a pastor and a prophet, to walk with people but also to challenge them to conversion of heart. With less than a month to go before the papal plane touches down in Washington DC at the start of the Pope’s week-long visit to the U.S, Archbishop Kurtz joined other American Church leaders to brief journalists at the annual Religion Newswriters’ Association Conference, which concluded in Philadelphia on Sunday. The president of the USCCB spoke of the central theme of the family, which the Pope will address as he closes the 8th World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. But he also pointed to freedom of religion and faith in action in service to the poor and needy as important challenges the Pope will deliver to American Catholics during the September 22nd to 27th visit. Philippa Hitchen caught up with Archbishop Kurtz during the conference and asked him about the practical preparations for this eagerly anticipated papal visit…. Listen: The president of the USCCB says that while the papal visit will be hectic, he hopes that people don't work so hard to prepare that they forget to enjoy and to really welcome the Holy Father to the United States, noting that the Pope himself often says, "don't be Martha all the time, be Mary..." He says he hopes the trip will be a chance for American Catholics to show their loyalty and gratitude but also for the Pope to appreciate the richeness of the U.S. Church and to challenge it a little... Asked about recent polls showing that half the American population does not know about the papal visit, Archbishop Kurtz admits that most people "are more aware of the NFL season, what football games are coming up". "That's part of our culture", he says, "let's be realistic about that". But he says he hopes the interest of the 8.000 journalists already accredited to cover the visit will offer opportunities "to touch the lives of many people" during the trip.  Archbishop Kurtz adds that he has visited President Obama and the leaders of Congress and found "a great desire to welcome" among them. Although he says he is concerned about the way soundbites can reduce the meaning of the Pope's message, he hopes that people will "hear the full teachings" that Pope Francis is bringing (from Vatican Radio)... 12 hours 4 min
The general prayer intention of Pope Francis is for thejobless youth: that opportunities for education and  employment may increase for all young  people.   The Holy Father is greatly concerned about high jobless rates among young people, saying they are becoming a lost generation - victim of today’s “throw-away” culture that casts aside anyone who is not profitable economically.  It’s painful to see young people on the lookout for their first job turned away for lack of previous experience, thus nipping them in the bud.  The Pope says the problem is more than merely economic.  It is a problem of dignity.  Without work, one ‎cannot have the experience of dignity which comes from being able to put food on the table and to have a family and a home.  Pope Francis stressed that high  unemployment among youth is a crisis of the  family, “a true social plague” that leaves young people feeling useless.  If the youth are deprived of hope, then the very future and hope of society and of the Church is jeopardized.   Let’s therefore join Pope Francis in his general prayer campaign during September and in saying “no” to the throw-away culture and “yes” to increased opportunities for ‎education and employment  for young people everywhere, for they are  truly the future of humanity.  (from Vatican Radio)... 14 hours 49 min
Todas as quartas-feiras, até o dia 2 de dezembro, o Programa Brasileiro da Rádio Vaticana transmitirá um novo programa semanal. Trata-se do "Porta aberta", em língua portuguesa, com duração de 15 minutos.  O programa será realizado com trechos da Encíclica do Papa Francisco "Laudato Si'" que serão lidos sob um f... 14 hours 56 min
Na manhã de ontem, 30, no Recinto de Oração do Santuário de Nossa de Fátima, Portugal, a missa dominical foi presidida pelo bispo brasileiro D. Odelir Magri, e concelebrada por mais de uma dezena de bispos da congregação dos Missionários Combonianos. “Somos bispos de várias zonas de África, Ásia, América Latina, e ... 15 hours 5 min
A Conferência dos Religiosos do Brasil (CRB), em parceria com a Educação a Distância Século 21, lança o curso online “Vida Consagrada”. O Curso é gratuito e está disponível no site da EAD, com um módulo de 9 aulas. Ministrado pelo Ir. Afonso Murad e Ir. Susana Rocca, da Equipe Interdisciplinar de Assessoria da CRB,... 15 hours 19 min
“A verdade, amor e bondade que vêm de Deus tornam o homem puro e a verdade, amor e bondade encontram-se na Palavra, que liberta do ‘esquecimento’ de um mundo que já não pensa em Deus”. Este foi o coração da homilia do Papa Emérito Bento XVI na homilia da Missa a que presidiu na igreja do Campo Santo Teutônico no... 15 hours 26 min
Há um mês da visita do Papa Francisco às Nações Unidas (ONU), a Palestina prepara um pedido para que as bandeiras do Vaticano e da Palestina estejam presentes nos escritórios da ONU, na qualidade de países observadores permanentes. No dia 25 de setembro o Papa falará perante a Assembleia Geral das Nações Unidas,... 15 hours 30 min
A figura do venerável Félix Varela, sacerdote e patriota cubano, estará presente durante a visita que o Papa Francisco fará a Cuba do 19 ao 22 de setembro próximos, embora não esteja programada que possa ser declarado ‘beato’. A informação foi repassada à ZENIT na última sexta-feira, 28, pelo postulador da causa... 15 hours 42 min
O abuso sexual contra menores está cada vez mais comum no Paquistão, denunciam os bispos paquistaneses. Conforme relatado pela Agência Fides, foram notificados 3.500 casos de abuso contra menores em 2014; 67% ocorreram em áreas rurais. “É urgente que o governo aja com rigor contra os responsáveis”, afirma um com... 16 hours 47 min
“Sempre a fé destemido pregaste, mil cristãos com valor redimiste. E cativo entre os mouros ficaste, e o martírio mil vezes pediste”, diz o hino em honra a São Raimundo Nonato que nasceu na cidade de Portel na Espanha por volta do ano 1200. De família nobre, Raimundo nasceu após a morte de sua mãe durante o parto. ... 17 hours 18 min
A recente encíclica do papa Francisco, Laudato Si’, é uma valiosa oportunidade para refletirmos sobre a busca de "outras maneiras de entender a economia e o progresso", uma das questões que "nunca se encerram nem se abandonam, mas se retomam e enriquecem constantemente" (nº 16). O texto enfatiza o aumento da con... 17 hours 35 min
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis prayed the Angelus with pilgrims and tourists gathered in St Peter’s Square on Sunday. In remarks to the faithful ahead of the traditional prayer of Marian devotion, the Holy Father reflected on the Gospel reading for this Sunday, August 30, the 22 nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, taken from the 7 th Chapter of the Holy Gospel according to St. Mark.  The reading recounts the questions certain Scribes and Pharisees put to Our Lord, regarding His and the disciples’ observance of certain long-standing customs – or their lack of observance – specifically concerning practices associated with ritual purity. Click below to hear our report “The literal observance of precepts,” explained Pope Francis, “will be fruitless if [said observance] does not change the heart and does not translate into concrete attitudes: opening oneself to encounter with God and His Word in prayer; to seeking justice and peace; to assisting the poor, the weak, the oppressed.” The Holy Father went on to say, “We all know, in our communities, in our parishes, in our neighborhoods, how much harm do people do to the Church, how much scandal do they give, who say they are Catholic and very often go to church, but later, in their daily lives, neglect the family, speak ill of others and so on. This is what Jesus condemned, for this is a Christian counter-witness.” “The border between good and evil passes not outside of us but within us,” Pope Francis continued. “We can ask ourselves: ‘where is my heart?’ Jesus said, ‘Where your treasure is, there is your heart.’ So, what is my treasure? Is it Jesus, is it His doctrine? Then the heart is good. Or is the treasure something else?” The Holy Father went on to explain that the heart, insofar as it loves that, which is not Christ and His doctrine, must be purified and converted. “Without a purified heart,” he said, “you cannot have truly clean hands and lips that speak sincere words of love.” Pope Francis said, “This only the sincere and purified heart can do.” The Holy Father concluded his remarks ahead of the Angelus by asking the Lord, through the intercession of the Holy Virgin, to give us a clean heart, a heart free from hypocrisy so that we are able to live according to the spirit of the law and to achieve the law’s true purpose, which is perfection of charity. (from Vatican Radio)... 1 day 14 hours
(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis issued a twofold appeal on Sunday: for persecuted Christians and for all persons forced to flee their homes in search of a peaceful and secure existence in foreign lands. Recalling the beatification on Saturday in Harissa, Lebanon, of the martyred Syrian Catholic Bishop Flavyānus Mikhayil Melkī , Eparch of Gazarta – or what is Cizre in modern-day Turkey, who was killed in Gazarta during the  sayfo  or “putting to the sword” of Syrians in 1915, after he refused to convert to Islam, Pope Francis said, “Even today, in the Middle East and other parts of the world, Christians are persecuted,” and expressed the hope that the beatification of this Bishop Martyr might instill in them consolation, courage and hope. The Holy Father went on to say, “Let it also be a stimulus to legislators and government leaders to guarantee religious freedom everywhere, and to the international community to put an end to the violence and oppression.” Click below to hear our report Pope Francis also asked the faithful to pray especially for the migrants, who have lost their lives while in flight from situations of persecution, instability, and even social and economic failure, in search of a better life. Promising continued prayers of his own as well for all the victims, the Pope joined himself especially to the prayers of the Church in Austria – represented at the Angelus by the Cardinal-Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schönborn – for the seventy-one people who perished inside a truck found on the side of the highway connecting Vienna and Budapest this past week. “We entrust each of them to the mercy of God,” said Pope Francis, “and we ask Him to help us to work together effectively to prevent these crimes, which offend the entire human family.” Below, please find Vatican Radio’s translation  of the full text of the Holy Father’s appeals ********************************************* Dear brothers and sisters, [Saturday], in Harissa, Lebanon, the Syrian Catholic Bishop Flavyānus Mikhayil Melkī, martyr. In the context of a terrible persecution of Christians, he was a tireless defender of the rights of his people, urging all to remain firm in the faith. Even today, dear brothers and sisters, in the Middle East and other parts of the world, Christians are persecuted. There are more martyrs [in this day and age] than there were in the first centuries [of the Church]. May the beatification of this Bishop-martyr instill in them consolation, courage and hope. Let it also be a stimulus to legislators and government leaders to insure religious freedom everywhere; and to the international community to put an end to violence and oppression. Unfortunately, in recent days many migrants have lost their lives in their terrible travel. For all these brothers and sisters, I pray and ask you to pray. In particular, I join Cardinal Schönborn - who is here today - and the whole Church in Austria in prayer for the seventy-one people, including four children, found in a truck on the Vienna-Budapest highway. We entrust each of them to the mercy of God; and we ask Him to help us to work together effectively to prevent these crimes, which offend the entire human family. (from Vatican Radio)... 1 day 17 hours
Neste domingo, 30 de agosto, antes de rezar o Angelus com os fiéis e peregrinos presentes na Praça de São Pedro, o Papa Francisco meditou sobre o Evangelho do dia e rezou pelos migrantes. Apresentamos as palavras do Papa: Queridos irmãos e irmãs, bom dia! O Evangelho deste domingo apresenta uma disputa entre ... 1 day 17 hours
(Vatican Radio) The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, said the current migrant crisis is a "global problem", and called on the international community to join forces. Cardinal Parolin was speaking on the side lines of a surprise visit to Rome's Gemelli Hospital, made famous for being the hospital which treated Pope St. John Paul II. Cardinal Parolin acknowledged that “some people have invoked the United Nations,” adding that he thinks it is “a global problem that needs a response from different levels,” but that it should “involve everyone.” He called on people to “overcome polemics” and “make an examination of conscience on these issues,” including the Church. “Polemics does nothing to solve problems, but rather exacerbates the hardships, and exacerbates tempers,” Cardinal Parolin said. Meanwhile, during his homily at the Mass he celebrated at the hospital, Cardinal Parolin said “nothing can be as disastrous for the faith and for culture and medical care, as losing sight of the whole person.” Cardinal Parolin said recent events show that approaches to health care which ignore the Christian “anthropological vision” eventually prove to be “inadequate.” Alluding to the Parable of the Sower, he said that if “good intentions” are not rooted in the Gospel, they are almost always “drowned out by the needs of the hegemonic culture” or by interests and compromises which “have nothing to do with the needs of the Kingdom of God on earth.” (from Vatican Radio)... 2 days 12 hours

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Washington D.C., Aug 31, 2015 / 10:19 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- Most Americans have a favorable view of Pope Francis and think he has a message for all the country's citizens, but most also know little about him and aren't sure news reports about him are accurate, a new survey reports. 14 hours 35 min
Vatican City, Aug 31, 2015 / 06:00 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- On Monday, Pope Francis urged Catholic legislators to be protectors of human life, calling them to "be strong" against a throw-away culture marked by Christian persecution, and the rejection of the unborn and migrants. 18 hours 54 min
Washington D.C., Aug 31, 2015 / 04:20 pm (EWTN News/CNA).- While Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger is sometimes hailed as a champion of women's rights, she was no savior to minorities and those with disabilities, said speakers at a recent rally in Washington, D.C. 20 hours 34 min
Vatican City, Aug 30, 2015 / 11:37 am (EWTN News/CNA).- The World Meeting of Families event next month in Philadelphia aims to lead families to know their importance as a gift from God and to help them open their hearts to Jesus Christ, a priest involved in the event has said. 1 day 13 hours
Vatican City, Aug 30, 2015 / 08:03 am (EWTN News/CNA).- In his Sunday Angelus address Pope Francis said that merely obeying the rules isn't enough to make us holy, but that if we truly want to serve God our conversion has to be deeper, changing the heart. 1 day 16 hours
Philadelphia, Pa., Aug 30, 2015 / 07:08 am (EWTN News/CNA).- What do practicing Catholics believe? A new U.S. survey has answered this question by breaking down the similarities and differences these Catholics have with non-practicing Catholics and with Americans as a whole. 1 day 17 hours
Vatican City, Aug 30, 2015 / 05:51 am (EWTN News/CNA).- In his Sunday Angelus address Pope Francis lamented the death of 71 migrants – mostly from war-torn Syria – whose bodies were found in an abandoned truck on an Austrian highway. He offered prayers for the victims. 1 day 19 hours
Vatican City, Aug 29, 2015 / 11:48 am (EWTN News/CNA).- Initial autopsy findings indicate that disgraced former apostolic nuncio Jozef Wesolowski died of natural causes from a "cardiac event," the Vatican announced Saturday.
2 days 13 hours

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Some of the thousands of runners and walkers at the 2013 Sophie's Angel Run 5K at the annual St. Jude Parish Festival. Photo courtesy Sophie's Angel Run; click to enlarge.

Some of the thousands of runners and walkers at the 2013 Sophie’s Angel Run 5K at the annual St. Jude Parish Festival. Photo courtesy Sophie’s Angel Run; click to enlarge.

We are rebuilding our popular 5K Race Page. The following are the 5K races with Catholic themes, charities, or sponsors that we know of for September… if your race is missing, send the name, date, and details to


Sept. 5th, Defeat Hunger 5K Obstacle Run

At Summit Park in Blue Ash; benefits the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Food for All Challenge to collect 1 million food items and the Society of St. Vincent dePaul.
Climb and jump over 25 obstacles on this family-friendly 5K race (NOT a mud run). Staggered entrance times, adult and child versions of each obstacle, t-shirts and medals, KISS 107 will DJ and MC, after party, food and beer trucks, prizes. Adult rate: $25 plus three canned goods; child rate (ages 7 – 12): $15 plus three canned goods. Event runs from 8 am – 2 pm. Information at the Defeat Hunger site.

Sept. 5, St. John Church Fryburg Homecoming Mock Turtle 5K Run
At St. John Catholic Church (Wapakoneta, OH) and Glacier National Park
Chip timed. Race for youth and adults. Race-day fee $15 (no t-shirt included). Start time: 8 am. For information click here.

Sept 7: Mercy Metric 10K Run and 5K Run/Walk
At Lunken Playfield (Cincinnati). Cause: Mercy Montessori after-school sports program. Race time: 8:30 am all races. Fee: $30 ($20 without a race t-shirt). Call (513) 475-6700 for information; register online here.

Sept 19th: Annual CareNet Pregnancy Services of Northern Kentucky
Walk for Life 5K Run/Walk
At Pioneer Park (Covington). Fee: $30/person, $100 family team, $100/person adult teams of five (includes team tshirt). Race time: 9 am (registration opens at 8 am). To register online, click here.

Sept. 21: Jill’s Walk at McAuley High School
(Jill Hungler Schlotman Memorial Walk for Cancer Awareness)
Non-competitive walk; three-loop course around McAuley High School campus.
No set fee; donate any amount. Pets and strollers welcome; walkers encouraged to walk in memory of alumnae, parents, and special friends who have lost their battles with cancer. Money raised from this annual walk goes toward a scholarship in honor of 2007 alumna Jill Hungler. Start time: 9:30 am. Register on-site at 9 am or online here.

Sept 27:
Sophie’s Angel Run
Race in memory of Sophie Grace Meinhardt starts and ends at the St. Jude Oktoberfest.
Course: Through Bridgetown (Cincinnati). Chip timed. Proceeds benefit pediatric Brain Tumor Research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and scholarships. Start time: 1 pm. Race fee: $20 in advance, $65 “family plan” (two adults, two children). To register, click here.
Race is part of St. Jude’s Oktoberfest: Enjoy authentic German food, beverages, music and dance; children’s rides and games.


For our 5K Page, click here.

For more Catholic events, see our Events page.

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1 day 43 min
space camp hayes

Badin High School student Maggie Hayes, shown with a project she completed at Morehead University’s SpaceTrek Camp this summer, will intern there next summer.

Maggie Hayes enjoyed SpaceTrek camp at Morehead State University so much this summer that she earned an internship at Morehead next year. The junior at Badin High School (Hamilton, OH) junior hopes to be a space science engineer.

Photo courtesy Badin High School.

You can see all our 1000 Words photos at once: Click on “1000 Words” in the menu at the top of the page, or click here. To submit a photo, send it to

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1 day 48 min
A rendering by MSA Architects of Cincinnati shows a new multi-sport stadium, part of a complex set to open in 2016. Chaminade Julienne’s first-ever stadium, the compllex will “change the south-western edge of greater downtown Dayton,” according to the Marianist school.

A rendering by MSA Architects of Cincinnati shows a new multi-sport stadium, part of a complex set to open in 2016. Chaminade Julienne’s first-ever stadium, the compllex will “change the south-western edge of greater downtown Dayton,” according to the Marianist school.

The following is an excerpt of a story that ran on the website of WHIO on Aug. 18 as “CJ to Build Roger Glass Stadium.”


Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School tonight announced the development of the Roger Glass Stadium, Home of the Chaminade Julienne Eagles.


The downtown Dayton multipurpose competition venue will be located at the corner of Longworth and Eaker streets and is poised to serve the Greater Dayton region. Immediate stadium seating stands at 2,150 with two ticket booth gateways to accommodate capacity crowds, and a 99,600-square-foot field large enough to host professional soccer games in addition to football and lacrosse competitions.


“As a Catholic school sponsored by the Marianists and Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, our primary objective for this facility was to invest in a place that would expand growth and leadership opportunities for young people from every corner of the region,” stated Dan Meixner, CJ president. “Ever since we developed what is now Blue Green Field in 2008, many of our community members have imagined a stadium in its place. Because of tremendous support, it is exciting to now make that dream a reality. This is something special.”


Roger Glass, ’60 attended Chaminade High School from 1956-60, played trumpet in the marching band and was a four-year member of the speech and debate club. After graduation, he earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Dayton. He began his career as a teacher in Catholic elementary schools, then joined the family business, Marion’s Piazza, founded by his father Marion in 1965. Glass continues to own and operate Marion’s, which now has nine area locations, recognized by national trade publications, and regularly voted as a hometown favorite in local publications and surveys.


The announcement comes on the heels of another, $2.5 million project. Last week, students got the first glimpse of renovations in the school’s oldest building, including modernized classrooms and hallways, new mechanical and lighting systems, enhanced performing arts rehearsal spaces and a reconfigured cafeteria.


That project was part of the school’s LIFT- Leading in Faith Today campaign. The $20 million initiative also produced the CJ STEMM Center, a remodeled gym and Eagle Tennis Center – the school’s first outdoor competition venue.


A rendering by MSA Architects of Cincinnati shows a new multi-sport stadium, part of a complex set to open in 2016. Chaminade Julienne’s first-ever stadium, the compllex will “change the south-western edge of greater downtown Dayton,” according to the Marianist school.


Rendering by MSA Sport (part of MSA Architects), Cincinnati. For more renderings, click here.

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1 day 48 min

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From: Insightful and in depth analysis of issues important to Catholics.

The situation of Christianity in its third century was quite different from the second. The old paganism was in decline, not just because of the spread of Christian faith but because of other shifts in Greco-Roman culture.

2 days 11 hours