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From the Pastor 02/25/18

A blessed Second Week of Lent. I hope your Lenten journey to Easter is going well. Every week of Lent is a new beginning to take on the traditional Lenten observance of Prayer, Fasting, and Alms-Giving. Several projects have been completed on campus. First, we have installed two new sets of double doors in the Parish Center leading into the space behind the stage in the gym. This area is now secure and locked. This was done so that we could contain our children within the gym and not find them behind the stage unsupervised. Second, we are coming to completion on the Knights of Columbus Pro-Life Plaza just outside the Knights of Columbus entrance. The entire seating area will also feature a Pro-Life monument which will be dedicated in the month of May. Thank you for your patience as these projects come to an end. In the spring there will be opportunities for memorial dedications for new landscaping as well.

I am very happy to report that the abortion clinic in Sharonville is now closed. The Knights of Columbus have been praying the rosary monthly for the past seven years at the abortion clinic. We just received this note.

“Just wanted to let you know that there has been no activity in Sharonville last week or the days checked this week. Someone posing as a potential abortion client called the abortion center to schedule an abortion in Sharonville and she was told there are no services. God is good! We believe that Our Beautiful Mother has been instrumental in the closing of this abortion mill. The rosary is our most powerful weapon.

With these current circumstances, we decided we would not have organized rosary in Sharonville on Saturdays. Abortions are being performed at Planned Parenthood on Auburn Avenue and Haskell’s Kettering facility where late abortions are performed. We were also told that chemical abortions are performed at the Planned Parenthood in Hamilton. This is a new service for that facility and we are trying to confirm. Our rosaries will be more beneficial in front of one of these facilities.

We are going to continue to monitor Sharonville to watch for any activity. The building is still on the market. In April, we are planning a prayer service in celebration of the closing of the abortion mill. We will keep you posted.
We wanted you to know that the support of Fr. André-Joseph, the Knights of Columbus and the many who came from St. Gertrude’s was a source of strength and encouragement for us! Thanks to all of you!! God bless you for the love and support of God’s littlest ones! Our work is not done.”

Archdiocesan Capital Campaign: One Faith, One Hope, One Love. If you have received a personal invitation from me to attend one of three socials in March, please sign up to attend. The socials are a way in which you can learn more about the importance of this campaign in a relaxed atmosphere. You will be able to ask questions and take home a prepared packet of information along with a personalized letter from our Archbishop asking you to consider a five-year gift to the campaign. I wish to emphasize the importance of attending one of these socials. If you cannot attend one of the socials, you will be contacted by a parish visitor who will ask to meet with you to explain the campaign. It will be much easier for you and for our volunteers to attend one of the three socials.

The second part of the Public Phase will be in the month of April in which the rest of the parish will be contacted as we move forward with the campaign. We hope to have all of this accomplished by the end of April.

In the next two months when you receive a phone call from the parish. I would ask that you please, in your kindness, respond to that phone call, so that parish volunteers do not have to continue to call you. No matter if you can give or not give to the campaign, simply respond to the phone call. I am grateful to the many volunteers who have agreed to make calls, and I thank you for promptly responding to those calls.

A blessed Second Week of Lent to all,

Rev. André-Joseph LaCasse, O.P., Pastor