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From the Pastor 04/02/17

Nobel Prize Winner Sigrid Undset, Ida Elizabeth, on the topic of Purgatory:

All that talk about purgatory and so on ― perhaps that is where he has gone now, to a place where he may learn to understand, to love and fight, and that is what makes him radiant, almost as though triumphant.
Perhaps that is what happens to us when we are dead, that we get to understand, and though it may be painful, that is the way out of the mists into clarity ― how do I know? But understanding, that must be the best of all, for love itself fails simply because we understand too little.

This book and Undset’s famous trilogy Kristen Lavransdatter, for which she won her Nobel Prize, are in our parish library. Anyone who reads Undset will experience the trials of life in the midst of the struggles of faith. It is a must read for all serious Catholics.

As I often do, or am asked to do, I am providing updates and reminders about certain parish policies and guidelines:

  • Wi-Fi: In order to better protect and serve the needs of St.Gertrude, a restructuring of internet services and wifi access has been under way. Please know that St. Gertrude Parish is not a “hot spot” for adults and students to connect to the internet unless it is directly supporting the work of the church. By that, we mean, guest presenters or ministry leaders or members undertaking tasks directly from a parish staff representative. Thank you for understanding.
  • Brand: The staff has worked closely with nearly every ministry that has a public or external outreach element to it to ensure our logo and brand is constant. Whether that is on flyers, letterhead, spirit wear, or signage, please ensure it is the parish or school logo, shield, or bulldog on it. If in doubt, contact Jeff in the Stewardship Office.
  • Photos:The parish and school understand the importance of how well photos tell our story. When submitting photos to the parish or school bulletins, or posting them to our social media pages, please make sure they are of the highest resolution to avoid blurry or grainy appearances in your ministry publications. Again, please contact Jeff in the Stewardship Office if you have questions.
  • VIRTUS: We have been working closely with many ministry leaders over the past several months to update our records. Thank you to everyone who has complied with our requests. We still have parish volunteers who regularly minister with our parish youth who are behind in their training bulletins and are on the verge of being ineligible to volunteer for us. We need all our volunteers who minister to our youth up to date with their bulletins. Please do your very best to respond with requests to stay current so we don’t have to cancel valuable parish ministries and activities.
  • Maintenance and Facility Requests: I have approved an online and downloadable pdf version of the traditional paper form used to request a set-up or report a problem or reserve space on campus. The online form and pdf are located on our parish website. This will streamline the process and save you a trip to campus or a phone call to the office. Along these lines, I wish to remind all parishioners that when you schedule and host an event on campus, especially on the weekend, your ministry is responsible for restoring the space to whence you found it. By that, I mean cleaning tables, sweeping floors, taking the trash to the dumpster, and replacing the bags in the receptacles. Let’s help each other out.
  • Bulletin Policy: Only with the permission of the pastor will full page ads be accepted for the bulletin. In order to conserve space, make the bulletin less cumbersome, and be smart about being green, ONLY 1⁄2 Page Ads will now be accepted for the bulletin. This policy will begin the Second Week of April. If you submit a full page ad without the Pastor’s per- mission, the bulletin editor will either condense the ad to a 1⁄2 page or send it back to you for a redo. Please do not send ads in PDF format, but instead in a Word Document so that the bulletin editor can adjust your ad if needed.

A blessed week to all,

Rev. André-Joseph LaCasse, O.P., Pastor