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From the Pastor 12/02/18

A Blessed 1st Week of Advent. As you can notice the bulletin has been completely revamped. I am very grateful to our bulletin printers, Dee Printing, Inc., for helping us with the new look of the bulletin. It is our hope that this new look will be more pleasing and better organized. Dee Printing will now be taking care of editing, typesetting, and printing our weekly bulletin. I am most appreciative of all they are doing for us. Please support all the businesses that advertise in the bulletin which make it possible for us to produce this bulletin each week free of charge. Finally, I wish to thank Mrs. Gayle Bibisi who has worked for us for several years as editor of the bulletin. Certainly as she takes leave of this responsibility, we wish to thank her for all she has done for our parish.

This week, I would like to continue my commentary on the Holy Eucharist and Pope St. Paul VI’s 1968, Creed of the People of God. The Holy Father explained five major points that are important to understand and believe in our lives as Catholic Christians concerning the Holy Eucharist. Last week I explained his first three points. This weekend I continue with his last two points.

Fourth, Pope St. Paul VI clearly explains that the Body and Blood of Jesus is offered to us as food. It is of critical importance that we take the Lord into our bodies as food. The most pure Jesus is placed into our bodies allowing us to be literally transformed into the very holiness of God. The more we receive the Lord well in Holy Communion, the more the holiness of God can transform us into holiness. Slowly we allow the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist to change us into the very image of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes it is very discouraging to see the way some people present themselves for Holy Communion. While you are waiting in line, it is a very good and pious thing to recite an Act of Contrition, making sure you are completely clean of all venial sins before receiving. If you are in the state of mortal sin, you may not go to Holy Communion until you have gone to Confession. You must fast one hour before the reception of Holy Communion. If you are receiving in the hand, you must have the free use of both hands and make a throne to receive Holy Communion. You are not allowed under any circumstances whatsoever to grab the Eucharist from the priest or minister. You are asked to consume the Eucharist in front of or to the side of the priest and minister so they can see you consume the Hosts. Do not turn your back or walk away from the priest or minister in such a way that they cannot see you consumed the Eucharist. You are asked to say “Amen” when the priest or minister presents the Holy Eucharist to you. And you are asked to return to your pew in silence and make a prayer of thanksgiving for the great gift of the Eucharist you have just received.

Fifth and finally, the Holy Father points out that in the Sacred Tabernacles of all Catholic Churches is reserved the Blessed Sacrament. Outside the context of Mass, Jesus is present in our tabernacles. God is there for quiet prayer and adoration. As Pope Paul VI points out, “We have the pleasant duty of offering honor and adoration in the Sacred Hosts.” It is such a wonderful thing to stop and just spend some time with the Lord. Stop for a visit and just be with the God who loves you with an infinite love.

I’m always amazed at some Catholic Churches that seem to make every effort to make sure the tabernacle is anywhere except in the middle of the Church. In some churches you can’t even find the tabernacle. Many Catholics are now in the practice of simply entering Church as if they were entering any building. Many walk by the Blessed Sacrament and don’t even turn and reverence the tabernacle.

Many have even forgotten how to perform a genuflection. Many young people have never been taught how to genuflect. Thank God we have churches that still stand rm to the true teaching of the Faith when it comes to Our Lord and Savior reserved in the tabernacle.

I have reviewed what the Church considers the five major points of our faith in the Holy Eucharist. It is truly the Sacrifice of Calvary created through the ministry of the ordained priesthood. Bread and wine are transubstantiated into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Anyone who does not believe in this miracle should not partake in Holy Communion. The Eucharist is both food for holiness and worthy of supreme adoration.

The Church wishes to place before us always the most wonderful treasure she has received from her founder and Savior, Jesus Christ: the gift of His precious Body and Blood. A deep appreciation of this Sacrament of Christ’s Abiding Presence is the greatest gift in our spiritual lives.

Each Sunday is a supreme day of worship and celebration for the Church. Each Sunday is a Solemnity (Highest Feast) in the Church – the celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord. What a great joy to be able to celebrate the Eucharist in our lives each Sunday. But it is also important to know that as Catholics we can celebrate the Eucharist each and every day of our lives: Daily Mass, Visits to the Blessed Sacrament, Signing up for an hour in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel, Holy Hours and being present for Benediction. Christ has given us Himself for supreme worship.

Next week, I will finish my third and final commentary on the Most Holy Eucharist.

A blessed week to all,

Rev. André-Joseph LaCasse, O.P. Pastor