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RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

Have you thought about becoming Catholic? Do you often wonder why Catholics do things the way they do? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then maybe you are being led to RCIA! RCIA is a process where adults are introduced to the Catholic faith and way of life. Were you baptized Catholic? If so, do you need the Sacraments of the Holy Eucharist or Confirmation? RCIA normally takes 9 months, although it can vary according to personal situations. It includes:
  • The Inquiry Period introduces the interested person to basic information about the Catholic faith and fundamentally communicates the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Inquirers are invited to initial conversion and, although there is no obligation at this time, classes are intended to help them decide whether they would like to continue to learn more about the faith.
  • The Period of the Catechumenate is an extended time in which Catechumens (those not baptized) and Candidates (those validly baptized) are given pastoral formation and guidance aimed at training them in the Christian life.
  • The Period of Purification and Enlightenment, which corresponds with Lent, is intended to increase introspection and coming closer to God. The aim of this period is to eliminate what is weak and sinful and affirm what is holy.
  • The Period of Mystagogy is a special time during Easter in which the neophyte (newly initiated person) deepens their understanding of the mysteries of faith and is more fully immersed in the life of the Church.
Please contact Fr. Gabriel Torretta, O.P. at 513-561-5954, or email him at, for more information. RCIA Sign Up Webform Click here Latest on top

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Sixteen: First Three Commandments

In Fr. Clement's debut session joining our RCIA program, he discusses the beauty of the first three commandments and explains the freedom at the heart of the commandments.

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Fifteen: Holy Orders

In this session, Fr. Gabriel looks at the history and meaning of the sacrament of Holy Orders. Where did the ordained priesthood come from? When do we first hear about the orders of bishop, priest, and deacon? What is the priesthood of all believers? What does the priesthood mean for all Christians?

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Fourteen: The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Mass is the most fundamental part of the Christian experience, and the most readily identifiable aspect of being Catholic. But what is it? Where does it come from? How do we pray at the Mass? Fr. Gabriel works through these questions and a host of others in this week's session

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Thirteen: The Eucharist

Fr. André-Joseph concludes our discussion of the Sacraments of Initiation with the source and summit of the Christian life: the Eucharist. Plus bonus overview of the Mass!

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Twelve: Baptism and Confirmation

Baptism is the essential foundation of the Christian life, and Confirmation is its definitive turning towards the wider world. In this session, Fr. Edmund explores these two great sacraments.

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Eleven: Moral Decision Making

Dave Ledwin continues our exploration of Catholic moral teaching by explaining the way moral decision making works, and how the grace of God works practically in our lives to help us live toward God.

RCIA 2016-2017 Bonus Session: Angels

We got together on November 22, 2016, to hang out, enjoy each other's company, and talk about the angels. This video of our epic two-hour mega session should answer most of your pressing angel questions!

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Ten: Morality and Beatitudes

What makes something right or wrong? Why do we talk about morality as a part of Christian living? In this talk, Fr. André-Joseph explores the basic principles of Catholic morality, and how they set us free to live in the grace of Christ.

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Nine: Grace and the Sacraments

Fr. Edmund explains what grace is, where it comes from, and why it's the source of the Christian life: the very life of God himself. To understand how we live with grace, he then explains what the seven sacraments are and why Christ gave them to us.

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Eight: The Church and the Blessed Virgin Mary

What does the Church actually teach about the Virgin Mary? Do Catholics worship her? Where does Catholic teaching about the Mother of God come from? Fr. André-Joseph explores the beautiful history and content of Church doctrine on the role of the Blessed Virgin in salvation and in our lives.

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