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St. Gertrude RCIA 2017-2018 Session Sixteen: Justice

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Catechism of the Catholic Church

54 "God, who creates and conserves all things by his Word, provides men with constant evidence of himself in created realities. And furthermore, wishing to open up the way to heavenly salvation - he manifested himself to our first parents from the very beginning." He invited them to intimate communion with himself and clothed them with resplendent grace and justice. --Part 1, Section 1, Chapter 2, Article 1, SubSection 2, Heading 1

164 Now, however, "we walk by faith, not by sight"; we perceive God as "in a mirror, dimly" and only "in part". Even though enlightened by him in whom it believes, faith is often lived in darkness and can be put to the test. The world we live in often seems very far from the one promised us by faith. Our experiences of evil and suffering, injustice and death, seem to contradict the Good News; they can shake our faith and become a temptation against it. -- Part 1, Section 1, Chapter 3, Article 1, SubSection 3, Heading 7

271 God's almighty power is in no way arbitrary: "In God, power, essence, will, intellect, wisdom, and justice are all identical. Nothing therefore can be in God's power which could not be in his just will or his wise intellect." -- Part 1, Section 2, Chapter 1, Article 1, Paragraph 3, Heading 2