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Catechists and Parent Letter Concerning Respect Life Month

From Fr. André-Joseph LaCasse, O.P., Pastor

The month of October has been designated by the Catholic Church as “Respect Life Month.” The subject of abortion is of course a grave concern in our country and throughout the world. The Catholic Church has been consistent in its teachings that abortion is a mortal sin since it is literally the murder of innocent children. The Catholic Church takes the education of this topic very seriously. It is also very important that parents, working with the Church, realize that they have the primary responsibility to educate and expose children to this important topic.

I am very grateful to the Knights of Columbus and our Respect Life Committee who on Saturday, October 6th will spearhead the installation of 4,000 white crosses on the parish grounds, representing the number of abortions that take place daily across the USA. These crosses placed in front of the Parish Center, Church and Priory facing Miami Avenue, are a reminder of our support of "life" both born and unborn.

It is important that age-appropriate education take place about this topic, especially in the older grades. The Catholic Church expects its catechists to instill in our children a deep and abiding respect for life. Students at all age levels may have questions and ask you about the crosses. At all levels of education and with age-appropriate language, please inform our children that these crosses are a reminder to us that all life is precious. The crosses are a reminder to us to pray that all people will respect and protect life at all stages. The crosses also remind us to pray for all involved in the sin of abortion, especially for their conversion to the respect for all life. We are to pray for parents who are expecting babies- that God will watch over them as they love and protect their precious children.

Parents entrust their children to the Catholic Church to teach the truth. Just because this topic is sensitive does not give us the option to choose not to teach about this topic. Although catechists in the younger grades may need to carefully choose their language concerning this topic, teachers in the older grades should engage the children in a real discussion about the respect for all life. The topic of abortion should not be avoided thinking it is only the responsibility of parents to expose their children to this topic. It is especially the responsibility of catechists to clearly point out to our children the Catholic Church’s position on our respect for life.

For more information, you can go to The Knights of Columbus website at or the parish website