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Simple Profession in Cincinnati Slideshow

On August 15, 2014, fourteen brothers made simple profession in the Order of Preachers at St. Gertrude Church in Cincinnati. These brothers have now been assigned to the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC, where they will continue their formation as Dominican friars.
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The following brothers made profession:
Augustine Marogi, O.P.
Jordan Zajac, O.P.
Thomas Martin Miller, O.P.
Irenaeus Maria Dunlevy, O.P.
Jonah Mary Teller, O.P.
Ephrem Maria Reese, O.P.
John Mark Solitario, O.P.
Paul Mary Clarke, O.P.
John Thomas Fisher, O.P.
Hyacinth Grubb, O.P.
Ambrose Arralde, O.P.
Constantius Sanders, O.P.
Albert Thomas Dempsey, O.P.
Anthony Michael Van Berkum, O.P.