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St. Gertrude School

Below you will find School Events and Activities (past, present and future), this is an excellent resource for posting upcoming events and also to show prospective students and their families the vibrancy of St Gertrude School.

School Information

Profile In Dedication – Jan Enia

Jan Enia has taught at St. Gertrude School for over 20 years, having started in 1989. She has educated over 600 students and has seen countless changes in that time. Jan has decided to retire this summer, so we visited with her to hear her thoughts from her time in our school community.

When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?
In the 3rd grade. I had a great teacher and decided I wanted to be just like her. I even kept a notebook on things I liked doing in different grades so I could use the ideas when I began teaching.

What brought you to St. Gertrude School?
I had taken 12 years off to raise my boys and knew Catholic high school expenses were just around the corner. So, I took a maternity sub job in the spring and was offered the 1st grade for the fall.

Profile In Dedication – Susan Fischesser

Susan Fischesser has taught at St. Gertrude School for over 20 years, having started in 1986. She has educated over 1,000 students and has seen countless changes. Susan is retiring this summer. We asked her if she would share some thoughts from her time in our school community.

When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?

Thank You from Gabrielle Geraci

Thank You!!

Hello, my name is Gabrielle Geraci – a St. Gertrude parishioner and senior at Mount Notre Dame High School. As part of a school service project this year, I asked for your financial assistance to have our parish recognize the parishioners and relatives of parishioners who are serving our country in the armed forces. You really came through for me (and them). With your donations, I was able to send "care packages" to each of these individuals. The packages contained various religious items, reading materials, snacks, and other items. I received a few thank-you notes from the recipients – they really appreciated that their parish honored their service and sacrifice.

St Gertrude Graduates Earn Honors

St Gertrude Grad and Parishioner Earns Xavier University Army ROTC Award

MADEIRA, April 2012 – St Gertrude School and Parish was recently notified that Dominic Geraci received the 1st Lt. Robert T. Rice Award. This award is given by the Xavier University Army ROTC program to the best freshman cadet for leadership and excellence. The award was presented at a ceremony on March 24, 2012.

St Gertrude Duo Make Honor Roll at McNicholas High School

MADEIRA, April 2012 – St Gertrude was recently notified by McNicholas High School that Andrew Parra (graduate - Dean's List) and Mary Schmitt (parishioner- Second Honors) were named to that school’s Honor Roll for the third quarter of the 2011-2012 school year

St Gertrude Parishioners Earn Honors at Ursuline Academy

MADEIRA, April 2012 – Saint Gertrude Parish was recently notified that the following parishioners made the honor roll at Ursuline Academy this quarter.

Earning First Honors were: Emily Abel-Rutter, M. Abigal Graves, Emily Hellman, Emily Holmes, Christine Jaun, Sarah Jaun, Katherine McCormack, Katherine Melink, Meghan O’Keefe, Amanda Rolfes, Ella Sedacca, and Abigail Wilson.

Katherine Woodall earned Second Honors.

Earning Honors were: Kelly Dorger, Samantha Fry, Ana Gonzalez Del Rey, Madeline Grossi, Caroline Kirk, Julia Kokenge, Mary McCormick, Mary McGraw, Elisabeth Schiller, Allison Werner, and Elizabeth Woodall.

St Gertrude Parishioners Make The Grade at St Xavier

MADEIRA, April 2012 – Saint Gertrude Parish was recently notified that the following graduates made the honor roll at St Xavier for the third quarter.

Earning First Honors were: James Brockhoff, John Burleigh, Philip Collins, Thomas Dieckman, John Dumas IV, Daniel Gallegos-Ortega, Patrick Hamad, Michael Keller, Steven Koesterman, Maxwell Longi, William Miller, Mark Minutolo, Matthew Momper, Andrew Racadio, Harrison Reber, Ptraick Richart, and John Stein.

Earning Second Honors were: James Allen, William Burleigh, Connor Crapsey, Chad Dorger, John Fessler, John Graves, Ryan Greenwell, Richard Greiwe, Patrick Gunning, Richard Hidy, Eric Jaun, Bradley Kaes, Nicholas Kohl, Thomas Kokenge, Michael Momper, and Maxwell Suddendorf.

St Gertrude PTO Dinner Night

Wednesday April 25th, 2012

Tap House Grill will donate 10% of the day's profits to the SGS PTO.

Tap House Grill
Owned & Operated by longtime parishioners &
SGS alumni Dave Seeger & Mike O'Donnel
8740 Montgomery Rd
Taphouse Website

2012 St. Gertrude Girls Basketball Registration

The St. Gertrude Girls Basketball program is open to ALL students in grades 3 - 8 (enrolled in the 2012 - 2013 academic year) lncluding SGS, Religious Education & home school.

The 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades will be treated as instructional / developmental basketball for all athletes 6th, 7th, & 8th grades will involve open gym evaluations for team assignments

Evaluations will be held in May with day and times TBD at St. Gertrude's gym - an email will be distributed with the date(s) /time(s) for each grade.

2012 St Gertrude Bulldog Football Registration

The St. Gertrude Football program is open to ALL parishioners in grades K-8th (during
2012~2013 academic year), including SG School, Religious Education and homeschool students!

The deadline to register is Friday, April 13th. The football fee is $140 per player, plus the mandatory $30 Booster fee (1 time per family). A nonrefundable $40 deposit and $30 2012 Booster fee is due by the registration deadline! The balance of $100 is due by May 25th!

St. Gertrude PTO Bulldog Buck$

Last Chance to Order Gift Cards!

St. Gertrude PTO Bulldog Buck$

One final order of gift cards will be placed this week on Thursday, December 15th and distributed early the following week.

These are full value gift cards sold at face value, the profit comes directly from the vendor to the St. Gertrude PTO at no extra cost for the gift cards! Thank you for your support of this annual fundraiser!!!

PTO Meeting

PTO Meeting - School Library

St. Gertrude School Dedicated a New Statue

St. Gertrude School dedicated a new statue at the annual May Crowning ceremony on May, 3, 2011. The beautiful marble statue which was commissioned to commemorate the school’s 75 Anniversary was produced by Mark Sedacca of Fountain Specialists Company in Milford.

Bulldog Monthly April

Dear Parishioners,

A few days ago, I think I saw Mrs. Bayer blush. Some of you will remember that three years ago we celebrated Mrs. Bayer day; the 30th anniversary of Mrs. Bayer's maternal care for the students and families at Saint Gertrude. It is still hard to believe that we surprised the one "who knows everything". The children saved their allowance, hunted for quarters in couches, and did extra chores around the house, submitting their findings and earnings to the office in sealed envelopes along with an alumni survey. Judy never knew that each time we reminded the children to turn in their "alumni survey" we were really reminding them to turn in the money they'd raised to honor her. Finally Mrs. Bayer Day came: all the children arrived out of uniform, and smuggled in teddy bears hidden in their back packs. In the afternoon, we asked Mrs. Bayer to attend an assembly related to the alumni survey. She later confessed to total surprise when she was greeted with a huge banner congratulating her, a sea of teddy bears tossed up and down in the air, and a large check to the school of over three thousand dollars: enough to have her name placed on a statue of Saint Gertrude for the school's 75th anniversary. The gift was doubly fitting: not only is it right to honor Mrs. Bayer for playing a key role in almost half of the school's history, but it was she who inspired the idea of the statue. Overhearing some zealous Friars discussing a statue of Saint Dominic for the front of the school, Judy had exclaimed, "It should be a statue of Saint Gertrude!"

Bulldog Monthly March

Dear Parishioners,
Academic Competitions
Saturday, March 12 was a busy day for the Bulldogs! Our students represented us at three events:

  • Science Fair--10 of our students qualified for District Fair; congratulations! Jacob Menke and David Poch ranked Superior at that level, qualifying them for the State Science Day. Jacob also won a $100 award and a solar system model. Mary Kate Dowling-Para also won a $100 award. Well done, young scientists!