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Dominicana (Dominican Students of the Province of St. Joseph)

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“Did I Do That?”

3 hours 56 min ago
Connoisseurs of early 90s sitcoms can easily identify the nasal refrain of Steve Urkel. For those who aren’t as familiar, Urkel was an awkward but lovable boy who got into frequent laugh-track-inducing mischief, to which he frequently responded with the famous phrase, “Did I do that?” (Here’s a two-minute refresher of every such moment.) Often […]
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Love’s Perspective

05/02/2016 - 6:30am
“What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.” – Fr. Zossima (Brothers Karamazov) People are people, and people have opinions that can be emotive when provoked. Married couples get into occasional tiffs when they disagree with each other. This may be hard to believe and possibly scandalizing, but […]
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The Wood of Salvation

04/29/2016 - 6:30am
Saint Martin de Porres is often seen in statues, stained glass, and pictures holding a broom and a crucifix, with a Rosary around his neck and animals at his feet. His fellow friars knew of the deep devotion he had to the Rosary, similar to his fellow cooperator brother, friend, and contemporary Saint Juan Macias. […]
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Carino Converted

04/28/2016 - 6:30am
Editor’s note: This is the fourth post in a series on the vocation to the cooperator brotherhood on the occasion of the Order’s 800th anniversary. On April 6, 1252, St. Peter of Verona was assassinated by two men hired by the Cathar heretics in retribution for his preaching of the Catholic faith.  He famously began to write […]
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Which Swords? When Plowshares?

04/27/2016 - 6:30am
Editor’s note: This is the third post in a series on the vocation to the cooperator brotherhood on the occasion of the Order’s 800th anniversary. They shall beat their swords into plowshares,    and their spears into pruning hooks. (Isaiah 2:4) The prophet Isaiah predicts that the coming of Jesus Christ will usher in a time when the […]
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The Art of Obedience

04/26/2016 - 6:30am
Editor’s note: This is the second post in a series on the vocation to the cooperator brotherhood on the occasion of the Order’s 800th anniversary. I will honor those who honor me. – 1 Samuel 2:30 What would you do? You’ve been working on a project for hours. The end is in sight, and you’ve done well. […]
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Blessed Brother Oderic

04/25/2016 - 6:30am
Editor’s note: This is the first post in a series on the vocation to the cooperator brotherhood on the occasion of the Order’s 800th anniversary. It is fitting that this week of blog posts dedicated to the cooperator brother saints of the Order of Preachers (those not ordained priests) should begin on the feast of St. Mark, […]
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Edge of Darkness

04/22/2016 - 6:30am
As we learned last week, this is an important year for anniversaries. Among other events, this year marks the ninetieth anniversary of JRR Tolkien’s completion of his working prose translation of Beowulf and, he would argue, about thirteen centuries since the original composition of Beowulf. The pagan world of Northern European epic—see Beowulf and the […]
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7 Spoilers of Heaven

04/21/2016 - 6:30am
Author’s note: God is utterly simple and heaven is life lived in God, so heaven is far simpler than our many words can penetrate.  This article includes my own reflections on heaven as discussed in the tradition.  Anything I say on this topic will be necessarily insufficient, for “to apprehend the point of intersection of […]
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Agnes and Catherine

04/20/2016 - 6:30am
Bl. Raymond of Capua, friend and biographer of St. Catherine of Siena, concludes the middle part of his Life of Catherine with an account of a pilgrimage she made to Montepulciano. “It was revealed to Catherine,” he writes, “that in the Kingdom of Heaven she was to be put on a level with the blessed […]
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Truth in a Traffic Jam

04/19/2016 - 6:30am
Caught in traffic. Most anything is preferable (except perhaps being caught by a traffic camera.)  And yet it turns out that a healthy dose of traffic is a good thing. Searching this term under Merriam-Webster’s full definition, one finds: “communication or dealings especially between individuals or groups.” In its broader sense, “traffic” refers to exchange […]
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A Veiled Mercifulness

04/18/2016 - 6:30am
Isn’t it peculiar that, in all of His post-Resurrection appearances, the risen Lord never manifests His glorified body to the tax collectors and sinners He had spent so much time with prior to His passion? Here is a Man whose ministry was in large part defined by those He chose to keep company with at […]
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Calling Home

04/15/2016 - 8:21am
“There are two ways of getting home; and one of them is to stay there. The other is to walk round the whole world till we come back to the same place; and I tried to trace such a journey…” With these words, Chesterton begins his account of what makes Christianity distinct by making allusion […]
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Help in the Stormy Seas of Life

04/14/2016 - 6:30am
Imagine that you’re on a seventeenth-century Spanish merchant ship, sailing back with wares from the East Indies. A storm overtakes you, with howling wind and monstrous waves. Who would you call on for help? None other than St. Elmo, of course. In 1662, some sailors reported that the saint himself appeared to them and the […]
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04/13/2016 - 7:53am
An Italian family typically erupts in joy at the birth of a child. Bl. Margaret of Castello, however, was unwanted from the day she was born. Had twenty-first-century technology been available to her thirteenth-century parents, she might not have been born. She was blind, lame, dwarfed, and hunched. Her parents looked upon her only as […]
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A Jubilee of Reason

04/12/2016 - 6:05am
Have you heard that 2016 marks an important year for Catholics? Well, beyond the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy and the 800th Anniversary of the Dominican Order, there is another important anniversary celebrated in 2016. But, this anniversary should be celebrated not just in the Church, but throughout the Western world. Though it might be […]
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The True Believer

04/11/2016 - 6:30am
“Infant baptism. That’s just a method you Catholics use to swell your ranks.” A co-worker once shared this criticism with me. From a purely political view, where numbers lead to might, which makes right, this accusation makes sense. It’s cynical, but when power and control are viewed as the sources of an institution’s success, then […]
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Are You What You Are?

04/08/2016 - 6:30am
Disney Studios has caused quite a stir over its latest movie, Zootopia. There is little disagreement over the movie’s wit and charm, but its message has not received such universal acclaim. Interestingly, while many of the reviews out there praise or criticize Zootopia for having a noticeably political bias, they fail to grasp that there […]
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Sent for the Forgiveness of Sins

04/07/2016 - 6:30am
Today the Church continues to reflect on how Peter and his brother apostles preach the Holy Name of Jesus. Before the Sanhedrin they boldly proclaim the kerygma, The God of our fathers raised Jesus, though you had him killed by hanging him on a tree. God exalted him at his right hand as a leader […]
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Moments Made Eternity

04/06/2016 - 6:30am
Time is uncomfortable. That’s probably why we’re always trying to “kill” it. In a letter to Sheldon Vanauken, C.S. Lewis wrote, If you really are a product of a materialistic universe, how is it you don’t feel at home there? Do fish complain of the sea for being wet? … Notice how we are perpetually […]
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