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Dominicana (Dominican Students of the Province of St. Joseph)

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The Light of the World

10/21/2016 - 6:30am
“The Light of the World” Why do you knock like a guest long forgotten? The door remains locked, its heavy frame rotten, While a tangle of vines adorns lintel and post.         I come to awaken my slumbering host. Why do you stand on this hard frozen ground Through the night while […]
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The Visceral Reality of God’s Love

10/20/2016 - 6:30am
I once heard a preacher tell his congregation that Catholics have a peculiar fascination with the gruesomeness of the crucifixion and that this sick fixation on “gore” was behind the death and darkness now celebrated on Halloween. “They love their crucifixes bloody, the bloodier the better!”, he exclaimed, referring especially to the realistic crucifixes found […]
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The Waters Have Risen to My Neck

10/19/2016 - 6:30am
“Do not babble like the pagans do Thinking many words louder than few.” But I can merely mumble one At the smashing news: I am heard in none. I met a woman this summer, poor and weary, working 60 hours a week as a maid and a phone-banker. She had put in the effort for […]
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Fixer Uppers

10/18/2016 - 6:30am
We all need to be fixed. Of course, we generally try to avoid admitting this to each other, and so it’s often God Who gets to hear the most about our brokenness. “Jesus, I really hurt my brother this morning. Please fix me so I can love him better.” This isn’t a bad prayer. Sometimes […]
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Heaven on Earth

10/17/2016 - 6:30am
Holiness is not something that we will get to someday. We are called to holiness today by living life for the sake of Heaven day by day. We have a tendency to be hobbits, elves, or dwarfs—and all in the worst ways. As hobbits, we love to forget about the greatness we are called to […]
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The Perfection of Prayer

10/14/2016 - 6:30am
Nobody likes to be bad at things. If we are bad at something, we stay as far away from it as possible so that people don’t realize just how bad at it we are. This, in short, is one of the major reasons why people don’t pray, and why those of us who are committed […]
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The Shackles of Love

10/13/2016 - 6:30am
In the 2007 movie Juno, a married man waiting to adopt a child gets cold feet. He not only backs out of the adoption, but he also leaves his wife. While he’s working toward this decision, he laments that his whole life is sitting in boxes in the basement: all the hobbies and interests he […]
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Godly Speech

10/12/2016 - 6:30am
It was said of our Holy Father Dominic that he always spoke either with God or about God. Likewise, Blessed Jordan of Saxony tells us that “he dedicated the day to his neighbor, but gave the night to God.” Now, there are two big questions here: “What did he talk to God about?” and “How […]
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A Thrown Away Culture

10/11/2016 - 6:30am
Throughout his pontificate, Pope Francis has spoken out against a modern “throwaway culture.” The Holy Father has perceived this culture in a variety of attitudes present today, from consumerist demands for disposable products, to a lack of care for creation, to even the commodification of the human person. In each, the value of a person […]
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It was good for me to be afflicted?

10/10/2016 - 6:30am
After years of interrogation at the hands of the Soviet secret police, the American Jesuit Walter Ciszek reached a breaking point. He had been falsely accused of spying for the Vatican and was subjected to isolation and near starvation. As he records in his autobiographical account He Leadeth Me, under this strain his prayer life […]
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Mary’s Roses: For the Family, for Peace

10/07/2016 - 6:30am
I learned to pray the Rosary as many Catholic children through the centuries have done, sitting with and listening to the (striving-to-be) holy matriarchs of my family. My mamá and my abuelas taught me about the love of the Holy Mother of God, who is our Mom too. In their motherliness toward me, they were […]
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Marco Polo

10/06/2016 - 6:30am
“Marco!” “Polo!” “Marco!” “Polo!” If you’ve spent more than ten minutes at a public pool during summer vacation, there’s a good chance you’ve heard these familiar words being yelled by children enjoying their time off from school. It’s a simple game: one kid closes his eyes, yells “Marco,” and waits for the reply from his […]
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Angels and Afterparties

10/05/2016 - 6:30am
What color are an angel’s wings? White, of course. Unless they’re red, or  gold, or black, or a rainbow, or any variety of shades. It seems that Christian artists through the centuries have had imaginations much more active than ours. Why bother to ask at all? Anyway, the question is probably misleading. I think it’s worth asking because […]
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Lessons From The Garden

10/04/2016 - 6:30am
The medievals spoke of the Book of Scripture and the Book of Nature, both offering knowledge of God. Even within Scripture, men read from the Book of Nature: Adam naming the animals, Isaiah describing salvation as a desert in bloom, and Jesus observing the lilies of the field. In this spirit, I’ve gathered a few […]
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Election Day

10/03/2016 - 6:30am
I don’t envy Trump or Clinton. They sit underneath the public microscope. Critics from either party want whatever dirt they can find. They clamor for financial statements and medical records. Such scrutiny would make any of us squirm. But just as I relax in my anonymity, I read a disquieting Scripture passage. Jesus tells his […]
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William Shakespeare, O.P.?

09/30/2016 - 6:30am
Shakespeare was a secret Catholic, more and more readers claim. Might he also have been a surreptitious Dominican—a tertiary like St. Catherine of Siena? An argument for Shakespeare’s connection with the Dominicans could, in a certain sense, actually be stronger than those for his personal affiliation with the Catholic creed. The theories advanced in support […]
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Celestial Intercession

09/29/2016 - 6:30am
The angels in their glorious celestial array are the servants and messengers of God, the “mighty ones who do his word, hearkening to the voice of his word” (Ps 103:20, CCC 329). The spirits surround the throne of God and fill the heavenly courts with their unending song of praise. Sent forth, they carry out […]
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What’s the Point of a Priest?

09/28/2016 - 6:30am
“Why does it take so long to become a priest?” I get this a lot. Many people seem to think, subconsciously, that a priest is just the guy you call to officiate at your wedding or to provide marriage counseling; what would make that take so long? Recently, just to prove the insanity of it, […]
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Professing Vows

09/27/2016 - 6:30am
I would wager that Chapter 7 in the Book of Numbers is not high on the prayerful reading list for those preparing for marriage or religious vows. This rather dry chapter describes the offerings of the leaders of the twelve tribes of Israel when Moses was anointing, consecrating, and dedicating the altar at Mount Sinai. […]
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Look at me, really

09/26/2016 - 6:30am
Annoyance was the only way to describe it. Day after day this past summer in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, I walked six blocks from our priory to the office where I was interning. A normal day would include one or two interactions with passersby asking, “What are you?” or some question about the […]
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