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From the Pastor 09/16/18

On September 20 of this week we celebrate the Memorial of St. Andrew Kim Tae-gŏn and Companions, Martyrs.

The first native Korean priest, Andrew Kim Tae-gŏn was the son of Christian converts. Following his baptism at the age of 15, Andrew traveled 1,300 miles to the seminary in Macao, China. After six years, he managed to return to his country through Manchuria. That same year he crossed the Yellow Sea to Shanghai and was ordained a priest. Back home again, he was assigned to arrange for more missionaries to enter by a water route that would elude the border patrol. He was arrested, tortured, and finally beheaded at the Han River near Seoul, the capital.

Andrew’s father Ignatius Kim, was martyred during the persecution of 1839, and was beatified in 1925. Paul Chŏng Ha-sang, a lay apostle and married man, also died in 1839 at age 45.

From the Pastor 09/09/18

Fr. Allen Moran, O.P., our former prior, has now left our community. We are saddened by his departure and wish him well as he takes on the daunting responsibilities of being the Provincial Treasurer. With the departure of Fr. Allen and earlier this summer, Fr. Dimock, I am happy to report that Fr. Edmund Ditton, O.P. has returned to our community and will be serving the needs of the community and part time in the parish as well. We are happy to have Fr. Edmund return to us.

I left for Maine on September 7 and will be returning on September 22. Now that school has begun and we are all into our programming, I am going to check on my parents and have some time to rest and pray. See you in a few weeks.

From the Pastor 09/02/18

St. Dominic Desire For Study
What was unusual was that St. Dominic did not see prayer and penance alone as sufficient to prepare his preachers. From the very beginning he sent some of his friars to study at the University of Paris, because he was convinced that for the range of preaching required of the bishops whom his preachers were to assist, profound theological preaching was necessary. Nothing less could meet the attacks of the often-learned heretics whom he had met among the Manichees.

“For St. Dominic the preaching of Catholic truth had to be based on profound and continual study; St. Thomas Aquinas is the most apt example of this. Dominic at Palencia was ‘indefatigable at study,’ the Libellus tells us; moreover, in applying to every young man the words of Jesus: Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it. Bl. Jordan is anticipating the Thomistic and Dominican motto: contemplare et complata allis tradere. He comments, ‘There are two ways of keeping the divine word: one is to retain in our memory what we have heard; the other is to consecrate ourselves to it in deeds and show by our actions that things we have heard ... the servant of God, (Dominic) neglects neither of these.” Bedouelle, O.P., In the Image of St. Dominic, p. 144.

From the Pastor 08/26/18

St. Dominic's Life of Prayer

St. Dominic was given to constant prayer, and a beautiful little anonymous work, The Nine Ways of Prayer has preserved for us his ways of praying with his whole body, mind, and heart.

The First Way: A simple bow of the head, a bow from the shoulders, and the profound bow from the waist. The Second Way: Dominic laid face down, outstretched on the floor, praying for God’s mercy. The Third Way: Dominic would scourge himself with an iron chain for repentance, humility, mercy and self-discipline.

From the Pastor 08/19/18

A very sincere thank you for your generosity to the Annual Missionary Cooperative Plan. Fr. Michael Ocran gave a wonderful homily about the great gift of the Eucharist in our lives, the history of the evangelization of Ghana, West Africa, and the story of his own vocation and missionary work. The collection for Ghana, West Africa was $9,646.00. This represents one of the most generous Mission Co-Op Collections for our parish. Thank you so much for your generosity to the spread of the Gospel throughout the world.

I am happy to report that our sisters have returned to the convent. Our new principal, Sr. Maria Christi, the other sisters, teachers, and staff are now in the school anticipating the beginning of a new school year this Tuesday on August 21, which is the Memorial of Pope St. Pius X, a wonderful memorial because it is this saintly Pope who encouraged children to make their First Holy Communion beginning at the age of reason.

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