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From the Pastor 05/28/17

Update on our new organ. Yes, it has been a long road. It has taken us so much time to line up all the contractors for the installation of the new organ. All of these contracts needed to be approved by the archdiocese before work could begin. The first contract that was approved was the removal of the asbestos flooring, which took place several weeks ago. We are presently working on all the electrical work that needs to be accomplished. Following this, our general building contractor will begin the work of building the new flooring and the large case that will support the musical rank of pipes that will go against the choir loft wall. After that is accomplished the flooring company will come in to lay the new flooring in the choir loft and two stairwells going down into the church. When that is accomplished the organ company will finally come in and install the new organ and rank of musical pipes. Our goal is to have this all accomplished by August 15, the Feast of Our Lady’s Assumption, and the Profession of our Novices. Please pray that all will be accomplished according to our time schedule.

Fatima’s Other Miracle After the Sun Danced

An eyewitness tells of a second miracle she and others witnessed at Fatima right after the Miracle of the Sun.

From the Pastor 05/21/17

Tribute to Mrs. Judy Bayer

On Tuesday, May 9, St. Gertrude School community celebrated Mrs. Judy Bayer’s retirement as School Secretary with a tribute to her 39 years of service, followed by the celebration of holy Mass, and a reception after the Mass.

The Mayor of Madeira, Melisa Adrien, declared May 9, 2017, Judy Bayer Day in the town of Madeira. Keith Holden, an alumni of the school, gave a wonderful tribute to not only the many years of service she has given to the school, but also her work with now Archbishop Chris Cardon in starting up the very first Youth Group in the Parish. This was followed by her daughter-in-law, Joanne Bayer, who taught several years at St. Gertrude and used the theme of our Lady as Gentle Mother to describe Judy’s love and commitment to St. Gertrude School.

From the Pastor 05/14/17

Congratulations to the newly appointed members of the Pastoral Council: Mark Holland, Catherine Geiser, Jill Woods, and Michael Mason. I wish to thank the seven people who stepped forward to be considered for the Council. A few weeks ago the Council also elected Dwight Stephenson as their Chairperson, and Emma Friemoth as the Vice Chairperson for next year’s Council. I wish to thank our outgoing members for the years of service they have given to the parish on Council: Mark Becker, Brian Crogan and Nicole Lloyd. Also a big thank you to Jeremy Corsmo for serving as Chairperson and Diana Adler for serving as Vice Chairperson during this year. May God continue to bless our Pastoral Council as they work with me for the good of our Parish Community.

This is the fourth week of my four part series on the Four Cardinal Virtues. The theology presented is of course from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. This week is the second installment with the Virtue of Temperance.

The Virtue of Temperance
The virtue of temperance governs our appetites for pleasure. By nature we desire the pleasure that is suitable to us. Since man by definition is rational, the pleasures that are in accord with reason are suitable to man. Temperance does not restrain us from the pleasures that are reasonable, but from those that are contrary to our reason. Temperance does not act against our natural human inclinations, but works with them. Temperance is opposed to the inclinations of nature when they are like a beast that is not ruled by reason.

From the Pastor 05/07/17

Thank you from Laura Curran, Executive Director of Pregnancy Center East.

Dear Fr. LaCasse,
I want to thank your parishioners for their continued support for PCE. The generous gift of $5,723.00 is directly impacting lives. In a real sense, you are doing the most important work of PCE by making it possible for us to serve over 500 women struggling with an untimely pregnancy and over 800 families needing material assistance. Since 1982 we have counted on faithful partners like St. Gertrude’s to sustain our ministry through your gifts and prayers. We so appreciate our relationship with your parish. May God abundantly bless St. Gertrude’s for your continued faithfulness.

Congratulations to all our children who are making their First Holy Communion. This is such a special time in their lives. I wish to thank our parents who have entrusted their children to our School and Primary Evangelization Program. Second, I wish to thank all our teachers and administrators for their hard work in preparing the children for their sacraments. May the Lord continue to bless so many who work in the field of evangelization.

From the Pastor 04/30/17

This is the second week of my four part series on the Four Cardinal Virtues. The theology presented is of course from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas. This week is the second installment with the Virtue of Justice.

The Virtue of Justice

Justice is the virtue whereby we give to each person what is due to him, and we do this consistently, promptly and pleasurably. For a simple example, a just person wants to pay his bills on time, and he has a feeling of satisfaction when he is able to do so. Justice is the social virtue. It concerns right relations with others in society. What is just is summed up in a simple motto: to each his own, but it is not always easy to establish what we owe to others. The simplest obligations are defined by the natural law, and that is based on the natural inclinations of each man, for example, to stay alive, to be part of society, to grow in knowledge. We have obligations therefore not to deprive others of life or health. We should not deprive others of the necessary means to stay alive, even though this may involve complex social issues. We owe the truth to others, and at least a basic minimum of friendship as members of the same society. By the same token, others owe these things to us. A further conclusion: If I have a right to life, I also have the right to use the necessary means to defend my right against an unjust aggressor. There are certain goods that we may value as much as life itself: material goods of great value: things necessary to support life or maintains our state in life, personal liberty, chastity, integrity of our bodies. If there is any progress in Western Civilization it is in an increased knowledge and recognition of human rights.

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