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From the Pastor 05/27/18

These past few weeks have been very busy with Confirmation, First Holy Communions, and now graduations. It has also been a time for landscaping and I have been very busy. While doing landscaping some parishioners will see me in my boots, work jeans and tee shirts and say hello to me. Unfortunately because I am 50% deaf, many times I cannot hear people saying hello. My maintenance men mentioned to me that many times I do not respond back to parishioners’ greetings. I do want to apologize if for any reason you may say hello to me while I am outside working and fail to respond back. It’s just that most of the time with outside noise I am unable to hear people. Please know that in no way am I purposely not responding back to your greeting.

From the Pastor 05/20/18

A Most Blessed Solemnity of Pentecost this weekend. We pray to the Holy Spirit that we may always discern what is best for our parish community. On Monday we return to Ordinary Time in the Church’s liturgical calendar.

Recently I received some very enlightening letters from parishioners that I thought were food for thought.

Dear Father André-Joseph,
As always, thank you so much for your weekly letters. We read with interest the Gallup poll and the several reasons for the decline of religious practice since 1955.

We would like to humbly propose another fundamental reason for the decline.

There is one significant difference in how we live today from how society lived in the 1950’s (and before). We now live in the continuing fallout of the sexual revolution essentially begun in 1960 with the introduction of the birth control pill. Today, contraception is as ubiquitous and respectable as toothpaste. Even here in Cincinnati with so many Catholics and so many Catholic doctors, is there even one OB/GYN physician who follows Catholic Church teaching on this? Sadly, there is not even one.

Think about it. With contraception the norm, so is fornication, infidelity, abortion, etc. Of course you know all of this. Let me tell you, it is so frustrating to visit my college kids at their dormitory and even in the dining hall at the public university here, I see huge contraception advertisements posted everywhere. It’s terrible.

Since an unchaste person can not sincerely live a life of faith, is it any surprise there has been a sharp decline of religious practice?

God bless,

From the Pastor 05/13/18

A very Blessed Ascension of the Lord to you all. I will be in Maine until Thursday. Looking forward to seeing you all when I return. This Sunday’s first lesson from the Acts of the Apostles and St. Mark’s Gospel tell us that forty days after his resurrection Jesus ascended to heaven, but that before he did so, he said to the apostles, Go out to the whole world; proclaim the Good News to all creation. Jesus also promised them that they would receive the power of the Holy Spirit in order that they might carry out this command.

The Good News, of course, was all the things that Jesus had taught the apostles during the three years he spent with them. He had passed on to them many religious truths, which would be summed up in the Apostles Creed. He instituted the seven Sacraments. He had ordained the Apostles and commissioned them to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass. He had not only given them moral truths to follow but had exemplified them in his own life. Not only were the apostles well equipped to preach the Christian faith by what Jesus had taught them; now they would receive the awesome power of the Holy Spirit as well in their ministry.

From the Pastor 05/06/18

I am happy to report to all of you that
last weekend we surpassed our goal of $2.6M for the Archdiocesan One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign in our parish. Congratulations! Last weekend during the Dedication Weekend we needed to raise $192,000 to reach our goal, and we received $253,000! I would like to personally express my gratitude for those lay leaders in our parish who accepted my invitation to volunteer and eventually led the campaign to its success. Secondly, to all our parishioners who contributed generously to this campaign.

As of this weekend I am happy to announce that our parish campaign has raised a total of $2,641,000 in gifts and pledges. This represents 103% of our parish goal! So far we have been blessed with 483 St. Gertrude families participating in the campaign. According to the parish sharing formula, a total of $552.00 will be returned to the parish for our own local needs. There are still outstanding pledges and gifts that will come forward in the future. If you have not given, but wish to do so now that 60% of every dollar is coming back to St. Gertrude’s the Dedication cards are in the pews this weekend.

From the Pastor 04/29/18

Archdiocesan Capital Campaign: One Faith, One Hope, One Love. Congratulations!
After last weekend’s Dedication Weekend with your overwhelming generosity we have finally met our goal for the campaign. As of the time I am writing this Pastor’s Column our goal for the campaign was $2,580,000, and so far we have raised $2,628,250! $48,250 over our goal! We still have several families to contact over the next few weeks to finalize their gift. Also, I am aware that there are last minute families who were waiting to give until we reached our goal, thus securing 60% return to the parish for their contribution. So now is the time to finally give to the campaign. We will leave the Dedication Weekend cards in the pews for a few more weekends. On behalf of Archbishop Schnurr and our beloved archdiocese, please know how grateful I am of your generosity. Blessings always.

You are formally invited to our celebration of the closing of the Sharonville abortion facility (Women’s Med). Join us in this recognition of the power of prayer and witness. Sunday, May 6, 2:00pm, Sharonville Women’s Pregnancy Care Center parking lot, 11262 Reading Road, Sharonville, OH 45241. This is across the street from the closed facility.

We are calling it “The Blessing of Being a Witness to the Gospel of Life.” After years of prayerful protest outside the abortion center in Sharonville, the facility has closed its doors. Speakers include Steve Karlen from 40 Days for Life.

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