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Rev. André-Joseph's blog

From the Pastor 06/17/18

Another successful festival has come and gone. A big THANK YOU to Cathy Egan and her other Blue Shirt Festival Chairs who give so generously of their time to the festival. Thank you to so many who responded to our plea for volunteers. The festival is dependent on 100’s of volunteers, and I am grateful for your generosity. Thanks to so many who worked and gathered items for the Auction Tent. And of course thanks to so many who came to the festival as well. We are very dependent on the festival to balance our budget each year. Will there be a time when we no longer depend on the festival for our budget? That depends on how generous our parishioners give to the weekly collection. As I write this column we are already in a deficit of $30,287 from anticipated weekly collections. We need to keep on target with the collection in order to pay our bills. Until we can run our collection in the black and start to see numbers that reflect what comes in from the festival each year, we will still be very dependent on this source of income for our parish.

I would like to personally thank John Feighery for his over 30 years of service as Head Usher for the 9:30am Sunday Mass. John has just recently lost his dear wife Kay, and now has some difficulty walking. Although it was difficult for John to make this decision to step down from ushering, he will continue to be with us at the 9:30am Sunday Mass that is celebrated as the Coventual Mass with the Dominican Community. Thank you John for all that you have done for us over these many years. Let us pray for John’s continued health. I am also happy to announce that Fred Bowling, who also recently lost his wife, Debbie, has accepted the responsibility of being the Head Usher at this Mass. Let us also keep John and Fred, and their recently deceased wives, Kay and Debbie, in our prayers.

From the Pastor 06/10/18

I am happy to announce the final results from the Archdiocesan Campaign: One Faith, One Hope, One Love. Our goal was to raise $2,580,000. I am happy to report that we exceeded that goal and raised $2,705,648. This means that $591,000 is scheduled to come back to the parish over the next five years as parishioners are sending in their pledges. I cannot express how relieved I am that this extra income will be coming in as we stabilize our budget and do more capital improvements to our campus. 525 out of 2,200 registered families participated in the campaign, of which I am truly grateful. 24% of those participating were able to offer a gift or pledge. 6% were unable to give a gift or pledge, but I am grateful for their prayers for the success of this campaign. I have been working on this campaign since November of 2017, so I am happy to see the fruits of so many people who joined with me in helping with the campaign, and so many who gave gifts or pledges. Thank you for a job well done and for your generosity.

I would like to share with you two recently received letters.

From Sister Mary Sylvia, Isp, the Superior of the Little Sisters of the Poor:

Dear Father, Thank you for allowing us to come to your parish the weekend of March 17-18. We thank you for the gift of $13,831.61 that we received from your parish! With the individual donations that were sent to us, your parish has blessed us. You truly have generous parishioners, and we are grateful for their support. As you know, our ability to provide a home and security for our elderly is made possible only through generous donations such as these. For many years, the Little Sisters have visited your parish, and it is a double blessing for us. In addition to the generous support we receive, it is wonderful to join so many individuals and families in celebrating our faith and worship and to witness a joyful parish community. Please express our thanks to all your parishioners and remind them of our prayers for their intentions. In a special way, we will pray for you Father. We have contracted a debt of gratitude to you that only Our Lord can pay for us and we shall often remind Him of it. With renewed thanks for your goodness to us, we ask God to abundantly bless you and all in your parish family.

From the Pastor 06/03/18

A Blessed Solemnity of Corpus Christi. This is the Third Anniversary of the opening of our Mother of Mercy Perpetual Adoration Chapel. I hope you have found a special hour for you to spend with our Eucharistic Lord. All of our lives are so blessed by giving Jesus this personal time with Him. We took a big leap of faith in starting up Perpetual Adoration in our parish. The Archbishop allowed this in our parish because he is aware that our devout parish can indeed guarantee that someone will be in front of Jesus 24/7. I certainly hope that more of our parishioners will step forward and help us maintain 24/7 Perpetual Adoration in our parish. As our Eucharistic Guardians come and go, according to their schedules, we are always looking for more adorers. The more Eucharistic Guardians we have, the easier it is for everyone. On page four of this bulletin you can find times that Adorers are desperately needed. Please drop off your Eucharistic Adorer card in the regular collection basket or at the boxes located at the table just outside the Holy Family Candle Room.

From the Pastor 05/27/18

These past few weeks have been very busy with Confirmation, First Holy Communions, and now graduations. It has also been a time for landscaping and I have been very busy. While doing landscaping some parishioners will see me in my boots, work jeans and tee shirts and say hello to me. Unfortunately because I am 50% deaf, many times I cannot hear people saying hello. My maintenance men mentioned to me that many times I do not respond back to parishioners’ greetings. I do want to apologize if for any reason you may say hello to me while I am outside working and fail to respond back. It’s just that most of the time with outside noise I am unable to hear people. Please know that in no way am I purposely not responding back to your greeting.

From the Pastor 05/20/18

A Most Blessed Solemnity of Pentecost this weekend. We pray to the Holy Spirit that we may always discern what is best for our parish community. On Monday we return to Ordinary Time in the Church’s liturgical calendar.

Recently I received some very enlightening letters from parishioners that I thought were food for thought.

Dear Father André-Joseph,
As always, thank you so much for your weekly letters. We read with interest the Gallup poll and the several reasons for the decline of religious practice since 1955.

We would like to humbly propose another fundamental reason for the decline.

There is one significant difference in how we live today from how society lived in the 1950’s (and before). We now live in the continuing fallout of the sexual revolution essentially begun in 1960 with the introduction of the birth control pill. Today, contraception is as ubiquitous and respectable as toothpaste. Even here in Cincinnati with so many Catholics and so many Catholic doctors, is there even one OB/GYN physician who follows Catholic Church teaching on this? Sadly, there is not even one.

Think about it. With contraception the norm, so is fornication, infidelity, abortion, etc. Of course you know all of this. Let me tell you, it is so frustrating to visit my college kids at their dormitory and even in the dining hall at the public university here, I see huge contraception advertisements posted everywhere. It’s terrible.

Since an unchaste person can not sincerely live a life of faith, is it any surprise there has been a sharp decline of religious practice?

God bless,

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