Stewardship (Giving)

St. Anne & Child Mary Guild

Our St Anne and Child Mary Guild kickoff on Saturday was a beautiful success! We had a full house! A special thanks to Fr. Henry for giving us an absolutely beautiful talk about our church design and about the parts of the Mass. Such a gift! We are all so impressed by our girls’ knowledge of the faith. They expressed that the talk was their favorite part of the morning! Families will receive an email before our meeting to sign up.

Enjoy Breakfast at St. Gertrude - December 2, 2018

Christmas Giving Tree - 2018

Christmas Giving Tree Program 2018

The Ladies of Charity Annual Christmas Giving Tree signups will be held November 17-18 and 24-25. Drop offs will be December 1-2. Many families throughout the Cincinnati and Kentucky areas have a very special Christmas because of St. Gertrude. Please stop by the Christmas Giving Tree and pick a tag off the tree and help us fulfill the wishes of some very special people.

Thank you for your continued generosity.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Help Needed to Take Down Crosses

We will be removing the Crosses of the Innocents on Friday, October 19, beginning at 8:00am. It is a pretty quick process. Thanks to any parishioner who can give an hour of their time next Friday morning; we appreciate your support. For more information, contact Tom Hahn at 831-2386.

Catholic Men’s Advent Retreat - Fall 2018

The annual Catholic Men’s Advent Retreat, sponsored by the St. Gertrude Men’s Fellowship, will be Friday (11/30/18 Evening) and Saturday (12/1) at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, 5440 Moeller Ave., Cin., OH 45212. Space is available on a “1st Come -- 1st Served” basis.

Click Here to sign up

Annual Craft Fair at St. Gertrude's Parish - October 20, 2018

Ladies of Charity present Saturday, Oct. 20 the Annual Craft Fair at St. Gertrude's Parish


Calling all parishioner bakers: If you love to bake, we are in need of baked goods to sell at the Craft and Gift Show. All proceeds go to help local charities.

The Ladies of Charity are looking for Nativity sets, angels,and stars to sell at the Craft and Gift Show for our Nativities for Bread program. If you have any of these items and you wish to donate them to the Ladies of Charity, please call Mary Lou Doran at 543-3696.

40 Days for Life - Fall 2018

From September 26 to November 4th our community will unite with many others from coast to coast – and internationally – for a major simultaneous pro-life mobilization – the 40 Days for Life campaign. Faithful believers are praying that these efforts will mark the beginning of the end of abortion.

40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life campaign with a vision to access God’s power through prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil to end abortion.

The mission of the campaign is to bring together the body of Christ in a spirit of unity during a focused 40 day campaign of prayer, fasting, and peaceful activism, with the purpose of repentance, to seek God’s favor to turn hearts and minds from a culture of death to a culture of life, thus bringing an end to abortion.

Crosses of the Innocents - 2018

Save the Date!
Saturday, October 6, 2018

  • What: Install 4,000 Crosses of the Innocents on parish grounds
  • Why: Promote support for the Culture of Life ― prepare for Respect Life month (October) and
    40 Days For Life Fall campaign (September 27-November 4)
  • When: 9:00AM, Saturday, October 6, 2018
  • Where: St. Gertrude
  • Who: all parishioners are invited to help the Knights of Columbus and Respect Life committee


Giving to St Gertrude

Giving and Stewardship

Electronic Fund Transfers

With an electronic fund transfer you can make a gift to St. Gertrude without the hassle of writing a check. You can enjoy the convenience and reliability of having your bank forward your weekly or monthly gift to St. Gertrude.

How does the program work?

The EFT program works with your bank. Transactions occur without paper and handling. Your donation is reliably sent to St. Gertrude on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

How do I enroll in the program?

  1. Complete the authorization form for payment by EFT and attach a voided check. (Click here for a printable authorization agreement)
  2. Sign the form and indicate the month you would like the program to commence.
  3. Return the completed form to the parish office or drop it in the offertory basket.

Can I enroll in the program for Offertory and Capital Campaign payments?

You may make your weekly Offertory gift and Campaign pledge payments through EFT. Please don't forget to use your weekly envelope (even if you use Direct Deposit)! There is a box for you to check indicating that you use this service and have your gift be a part of the sacrifice of the mass.

What happens if I switch banks?

This is a very common occurrence that is handled in one easy call to St. Gertrude. Simply request a new authorization card and return that card with the updated information. This will ensure that your gift continues without interruption.

Is it possible that more money may be taken from my account than I have authorized?

Electronic Fund Transfer, like any banking transaction, is regulated by federal agencies. You designate the amount and frequency of the transactions.

How do I change my gift amount?

Please submit a new authorization form in writing to the business manager's office.

Donate to St Gertrude

Donate Here

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Matching Gifts

Giving to St. Gertrude

Ways to Give

Matching Gifts

  1. Determine if your employer matches gifts made to elementary schools.
  2. Obtain a matching gift form from your personnel office
  3. Send in the form with your gift to St. Gertrude

Charitable gifts to St. Gertrude School go a long way. Not only do they provide much needed financial support for programming and our tuition assistance fund -- they also tell us that you, too, believe in our mission.

Your employer may share those beliefs as well. Your gift may go twice as far with your employer's help. Some companies will even match gifts made by retirees and spouses of employees. Always check with your personnel office for more information.

To find out if your company has a matching gift program and learn the specifics of requesting a match from your company, contact your personnel office or our development office (561-5954 ext. 136).

Offertory Envelopes


What are the benefits of using my numbered offertory envelope?

  • The envelope number automatically identifies your contributions for tax receipt purposes.
  • Gifts wrapped in numbered offertory envelopes make it easier for the parish staff to record your giving into our database. Time and money is saved by not having to look up parishioner’s envelope numbers.
  • Wrapping your gift in an envelope with your name on it will make you prouder of your gift.
  • Consider this… would you give a gift to a friend and not wrap it? Would you take a present to a party and not put your name on it? Please treat your weekly gift to God with the care and respect you would any gift that you give. Wrap your gift in an envelope with your name on it.

What is the white envelope that comes with my offertory envelopes for?

Many parishioners mail or deliver their weekly envelopes to the parish office when they are out-of-town or on vacation. As many of you understand, our parish expenses and obligations do not take a vacation when you do. It is very helpful to be able to rely on your continued support even when you can not personally attend Mass here. The white envelope that is addressed to St. Gertrude has been provided for your convenience.

If you have not received your offertory envelopes please contact the parish office at (513) 561-5954 ext. 2101

Planned Giving

Giving to St. Gertrude

Ways to Give

Planned Giving

Providing for the future well-being of your family, and at the same time, supporting the mission of St. Gertrude Parish can be accomplished by a variety of gifts known as planned gifts.

Planned gifts, such as bequests, trusts, life insurance, pooled income funds and annuities can provide benefits to you and your family now, and in the future. Depending on the asset
given and the gift arrangement selected, a donor will experience some or all of the following benefits:

  • Make a lasting difference to St. Gertrude Parish.
  • Avoid capital gains tax on gifts of appreciated property.
  • Reduce income tax through a deduction for a gift.
  • Eliminate federal estate tax on property passing to charity upon death.
  • Retain life income for themselves and other beneficiaries.
  • Reduce costs and time in estate settlement.
  • Fulfill philanthropic goals.

St. Dominic Society

Before St. Dominic died he said to his followers, “I am going where I can serve you better.”

A parishioner becomes a member of the prestigious St. Dominic Society and helps to continue the mission of our parish from heaven when he/she makes a provision of any size or type for St. Gertrude Parish in their financial or estate plans.

For additional information or assistance contact Jeff Plate at (513) 561-5954, x2111.

Making a Bequest

To make a gift to St. Gertrude Parish from your estate, you must make your intentions clear in your will or trust. To ensure that your intentions are carried out your will or trust should only be prepared in consultation with an attorney.

Bequests to St. Gertrude can include cash, securities, real estate, other specific property or a percentage of the residue of your estate. There are tax and other advantages of making a charitable bequest.

Gifts of Property & Real Estate

Shares of stock, real estate or other specific property may be one of the best gifts that can be made to St. Gertrude. If you sold an appreciated asset, you would ordinarily have to pay capital gains tax on the appreciated amount, considerably reducing your net gain from the sale. If, however, you make a gift of an appreciated asset to St. Gertrude, you may be able to deduct the full fair market value of the property, including all appreciation.

Life Insurance & Retirement Account

IRA’s or other life insurance that you no longer need is another way to give to our parish. For example, your children may be grown and the life insurance that was intended to provide education funds is no longer needed. A gift of a life insurance policy or a whit account, makes a very good charitable gift. The gift can easily be made by naming St. Gertrude as the beneficiary and/or owner of the policy or account on forms.

Your gift will generate a charitable deduction to you and a valuable legacy of your appreciation to St. Gertrude Parish.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You may make a gift to St. Gertrude by irrevocably transferring securities, cash, real estate or other property to a trustee while retaining a lifetime income right.

The trustee manages the trust assets and pays an annuity to you, your designated beneficiaries or both. The annuity payments can continue for your or the beneficiary’s life or, in some cases for a specific term of years.

Thereafter, the remaining trust principal goes to St. Gertrude in your name or in the name of someone you wish to honor.

Pooled Income Fund Gift

A pooled income fund or charitable annuity gift allows you to make a meaningful gift to St. Gertrude Parish, while also providing for your and your family’s future well being. A pooled income fund gift or gift annuity makes it possible to transfer cash, real estate or securities to St. Gertrude Parish. In exchange, you or someone else you designate will receive payments for life.

All donors are urged to seek the advice of a competent legal or tax professional as to the consequences of their gift prior to entering into a Planned Gift Arrangement

Donate to St Gertrude

Donate Here

Gifts of Securities

Appreciated securities are an excellent asset to use in making a charitable gift. You can maximize tax savings by receiving an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value of the appreciated securities, and you will avoid capital gains tax.

How to Notify St. Gertrude of a Gift of Securities

When making a gift of securities to St. Gertrude, please contact Dave Abele in the Business Manager's office. It is extremely important to have complete donor information (Name, address, phone number), the name and type of securities to be gifted (public, private, restricted, mutual fund, etc.), number of shares and the date you intend to make the gift.

Types of Transfers

There are several ways to transfer securities to St. Gertrude: electronic transfer or hand delivery of certificates.

Electronic Transfer (Fifth Third Bank)

The most popular and most efficient way to transfer securities to St. Gertrude is by electronic transfer. If your stock is held at a broker, notify the broker that you wish to make a gift of securities to St. Gertrude. Your broker will need written authorization from you before they can make the transfer. Be sure to tell them the name of the stock that you want to transfer, the number of shares, and where you would like your gift to be designated when it reaches St. Gertrude.





Matt Hoffman/Fifth Third Bank

Mr. Dave Abele/St. Gertrude
(513) 561-5954 ext. 2102

Please send a copy of all instruction letters and donor letters naming the donor, type and number of shares to Dave Abele.
Mr. Dave Abele
St. Gertrude Parish
7630 Shawnee Run Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45243
(513) 561-5954 ext 2102

Physical Delivery of Stock Certificates

If your securities are not held at a broker (see Electronic Transfer if they are) then you can hand deliver the certificates directly to St. Gertrude or the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (please notify St. Gertrude if delivered directly to the Archdiocese). Endorsed certificate(s) must include a letter (see sample below), noting your name exactly as it appears on the certificates

NOTE: Please DO NOT mail endorsed certificates! Once the certificate is endorsed, it is legal tender and can be exchanged by anyone.


Date of Transfer

To Whom It May Concern:

With attached certificate(s), I (We), DONOR NAME(S), am contributing NUMBER OF SHARES of NAME OF STOCK to St. Gertrude Parish Offertory/Campaign.




cc: St. Gertrude Parish Attn: Dave Abele

Past Campaigns

Open Wide The Doors to Christ (2002 Capital Campaign)

Parish History

St. Gertrude is a Eucharist-centered Roman Catholic parish committed to the Word of God through the Dominican heritage of prayer, preaching and teaching. Founded on the feast of St. Gertrude, Nov. 16, 1923, our parish today serves the spiritual needs of more than 2,100 families.

The Dominican presence defines and inspires St. Gertrude and makes the parish a unique faith community. The Dominican Friars of the Eastern Province have a priory at St. Gertrude. In addition to parish ministry, the friars provide instruction and guidance to brothers who are preparing for the Dominican vocation. Additionally, the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia have provided religious education to the children of our parish for more than 60 years.

Parish Future

St. Gertrude Parish has a 78-year legacy of faith and fellowship. Since 1998, our parish family has been working on a plan to continue that legacy for generations. In 1999, the parish purchased the two properties adjacent to the priory to expand parking. As part of the celebration of the Jubilee Year 2000, our planning process took a decisive step forward with the development of a long-range facilities vision for St. Gertrude’s. The parish also purchased the new convent on Miami Avenue.

St. Gertrude Parish’s vision includes restoring our church to its original beauty; building a new Dominican Catholic elementary school to enhance the caliber of our parish school and our religious education programs; renovating our parish center to provide more meeting and office space; and improving access to our church, school and parish center to care for the safety of parishioners, children and visitors. In addition, contributions will be made to the capital campaigns being conducted by the Dominican friars and sisters.

Based on today’s dollars, this ambitious plan will cost $14 million to $16 million. This plan for the future addresses the spiritual and facility needs of our parish. It ensures a vibrant Catholic community at St. Gertrude Parish for generations to come.

Achieving Our Goal

Parish families and leaders have suggested that St. Gertrude move forward on the master plan in phases, guided by the prayers and pledges of the entire parish. Achieving the ultimate vision for our parish will take several years. In working toward the larger goal, we will concentrate on the more immediate needs through a $9.8 million first phase of the project.

Phase One will include the cleaning and restoration of our church, construction of a new school to replace the original building that has served the parish since 1934, expanding parking facilities and improving traffic access and safety.

Phase Two of the master plan — the time line for which has not been determined — will include the construction of a new school chapel and gym, and an increase in office and meeting space in the parish center. It also will include a ceremonial drive and covered gathering spaces between the church and parish center.

Combined, Phase One and Phase Two create a vision that is true to our heritage, faithful to our mission and committed to our future.


St. Gertrude Parish and our faith community are gifts from God. As His stewards, it is our gift and our responsibility to tend to our parish family, to ensure its future, its growth and its heritage.

A capital campaign, “Open Wide the Doors to Christ,” is part of that process.

In 2002, parishioners will ask and be asked to commit time, talent and treasure to ensure the vitality of St. Gertrude Parish in the future. The “Open Wide the Doors to Christ” capital campaign hopes to raise more than $7 million toward the $9.8 million Phase One
of our parish’s master vision.

Parishioners will ask and be asked to “Open Wide the Doors to Christ” with prayers and financial pledges over a four-year period. All of us — young and young at heart, new families and familiar friends, parents and grandparents, singles and married couples — are called to prayerfully consider the gifts we have been given and the sacrifices we must make to “Open Wide the Doors to Christ.”


The “Open Wide the Doors to Christ” capital campaign will begin in January 2002. The gift-gathering portion of the campaign is expected to conclude in June 2002, with pledges committed from 2002 to 2005. Additional money needed to complete Phase One of the master vision will be raised through loans, grants, special events and the immediate investment of capital given to the campaign.

Work on Phase One is expected to begin in May. The two houses on Shawnee Run will be demolished to expand parking. The additional parking spaces should be available this summer. Other portions of Phase One, along with the approximate timetable, include:

  • Church restoration is expected to begin in August, with anticipated completion in early December. The restoration will include repairing and refinishing pews and kneelers; evaluating and improving the confessionals, sound and lighting systems; upgrading the vestibule to better address needs of parents with young children and repairing and thoroughly cleaning all interior and exterior surfaces — including the statue of Jesus. Additionally, a much-needed first-floor restroom will be added.
  • Construction of the school is expected to begin in December 2002, with anticipated completion by summer 2004. The existing school building is nearly 70 years old and serves 500 people daily. It needs air conditioning, a quality ventilation system, handicapped accessibility, dedicated art and music classrooms and adequately sized classrooms. Refurbishing and adding to our current school would cost just 8 percent less than building a new facility that will meet the needs of our children for generations to come.
  • For more information about St. Gertrude’s plan for the future, please contact Kathy Reising at 561.5954, x136

cap_camp_prayercard.pdf109.99 KB

Capital Campaign 2002 Q&A

Why does St. Gertrude Parish need a building project and a capital campaign?

St. Gertrude Parish has a legacy of faith and fellowship. Since 1998, our parish family has been working on a plan to continue that legacy. As part of the process, we have surveyed parishioners and listened carefully to their needs. We have developed a new and improved mission statement for the parish and a vision of what the parish will be for the next 20 years. The feedback from parishioners clearly indicates we need to restore our facilities to their original beauty, expand our parking and improve traffic flow, enhance our school to make it more competitive, and provide more meeting and office space. The feedback also indicates that as good stewards, our parish family supports these necessary improvements. The ultimate vision for our parish will cost $14 million to $16 million over several years. In working toward the larger goal, the parish first is concentrating on the more immediate needs through a $9.8 million first phase. A capital campaign, “Open Wide the Doors to Christ,” hopes to raise more than $7 million toward Phase One. A significant portion of the money raised through the capital campaign will replace our Dominican Catholic elementary school. It is nearly 70 years old and serves 500 people every day. Replacement costs are only slightly higher than refurbishment costs. Replacement will result in superior facilities for schoolchildren for generations to come.

Why has the planning process taken so long?

“God’s time is not always our time, but He's always in time.” Changes in leadership did delay the process. However, our parish family’s critical review of all facets of parish life have produced several significant outcomes over the past three years:

  • Purchase of two adjacent properties on Shawnee Run Road to expand parking
  • Purchase of a convent on Miami Avenue for the Dominican sisters
  • Formation of a Steering Committee to further study the facilities needs of the parish and provide the most appropriate solutions
  • Development of a long-range vision and master site plan for our parish
  • Creation of a Development and Stewardship Office to support the giving of time, talent and treasure for our parish
  • Creation of a Business Office to effectively manage administration, finances and facilities

What is the value of building a new school?

The current school is nearly 70 years old, has been added to three times, and remains undersized and inadequate for the current
enrollment of 450 students. The cost of building a new school is just 8 percent higher than the cost of adding to or renovating the existing building. More importantly, a new school will provide the parish with a quality Dominican Catholic school that is consistent with our mission. A new school building will:

  • Benefit the entire parish family. Students enrolled in our school as well as those enrolled in religious education programs will use the building. Additionally, Eucharistic adoration will be available in the school chapel. A new gym built during a second phase of construction will free the parish center for broader uses.
  • Separate school and church traffic, making it much safer for the children and other pedestrians
  • Create designated classrooms for art and music. Currently, the art teacher travels from classroom to classroom with a supply cart. For music lessons, it is the students who must travel, going from the school to the parish center.
  • Create bigger classrooms and place grades K-4 on one level, along with the cafeteria, art and music rooms, library, computer
    lab and office
  • Provide a quality ventilation and air conditioning system, along with accessibility for the disabled
  • Significantly enhance the learning environment for teachers and students, helping to attract and retain a stronger faculty
  • Provide a more secure entrance The school is the oldest building on campus, and it serves the greatest number of people per day. School improvements consistently rank No. 1 or No. 2 in parish surveys of building priorities.

Will we change the church?

NO! The “Open Wide the Doors to Christ” capital campaign will raise money to restore the church to its original beauty when it was dedicated on April 16, 1961. We will clean the church thoroughly inside and out and attend to the brickwork as necessary. We will refinish the pews, replace the kneelers, and improve the sound system and lighting. We will check the roof and the heating and air conditioning systems. The project will also improve the confessionals and the vestibule will be renovated so that it can be used by families in lieu of a dedicated “cry room.” Finally, we will add a first-floor restroom.

What is the role of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati?

The Archdiocese has a process in place for parishes planning building projects. The process requires approval from the Archdiocese on the project’s budget, plan and financing. The Archdiocese also can lend money to the parish for the project. Archbishop Pilarczyk has assured us in writing that we will not be required to modify our altar, tabernacle or sanctuary.

What about the facility needs of the Dominican friars and sisters?

With the help of an Archdiocesan loan, we purchased our new convent in January 2000. In addition, the Dominican Friars of St. Joseph and the Dominican Sisters of Nashville are conducting capital campaigns at the same time as the parish is conducting the “Open Wide the Doors to Christ” campaign. The friars’ campaign provides for new apostolic activities, health care, education of future priests and capital repairs to facilities — including the priory at St. Gertrude’s. The sisters are completely renovating the motherhouse and expanding their facilities to provide for the dramatic increase in vocations that they are experiencing. We chose to incorporate the Dominicans’ needs in our campaign as a way to recognize in gratitude the unique contributions they have made to the spirit and the legacy of St. Gertrude Parish. We will set aside 5 percent of donations from the “Open Wide the Doors to Christ” campaign for the Dominicans.

Is there any connection between the stewardship initiative and the capital campaign?

The concept of stewardship is not limited to an annual appeal for pledges of time, talent and treasure. Stewardship is a way of life — a commitment to lovingly receive and tend God’s gifts, and to share them and return them with increase. We hope that parishioners will consider sacrificial giving in their regular weekly contributions and in the capital campaign as ways to
give thanks to God for the gifts of this unique parish and to enable future generations to enjoy these same gifts.

What will be the time frame for implementing all components of the site master plan?

The work will be done consecutively. The two houses on Shawnee Run that were purchased to expand parking will be demolished in May, with new parking available this summer. Church restoration will start in August and is expected to be completed in early December.
Construction of the new school is projected to begin in December, with completion expected by summer 2004.

How much more parking will we actually have?

The current conceptual Phase One design increases parking capacity from 271 spaces to 310 spaces. Studies indicate this is adequate for peak usage of the facilities. Further studies will be done during the schematic design. The 310-space capacity will be achieved in the summer of 2002 after the houses on Shawnee Run are removed. However, during Phase One construction, the number of parking spaces will vary between 271 and 310 as different activities occur. Parking closures will occur intermittently to ensure safety during construction.

What kind of facilities will religious education have?

The classrooms in the new school will greatly improve the learning environment for students in religious education at St. Gertrude Parish. Additionally, the new school will provide adequate work space and dedicated storage for religious education.

If the school is built as shown on the master plan, what happens to the football field? What happens to the storage garages?

Construction of the new school will decrease the current size of the baseball/football practice field. The new school design will incorporate storage space for the Scouts, festival and other parish activities.

Will we have to borrow money to complete Phase One of the project?

The “Open Wide the Doors to Christ” pledge period stretches over four years. The construction timetable spans a much shorter period. Obviously, we will need money for the building phase that we will not have until all pledges are paid. The more money we raise through the campaign, the less we will need to borrow. At the same time, however, borrowing at a reasonable rate will allow us to complete more of the master plan in Phase One than we could otherwise accomplish. Parish leaders are committed stewards of the church and will monitor and prayerfully consider the best long-term interests of the parish in pursuing loans for the project. St. Gertrude has historically been financially conservative and that will not change.

How much will school tuition increase?

The building project will not impact school tuition. The pastor and the Finance Committee annually review tuition and fees. Their objectives are to make Dominican Catholic education as affordable as possible while maintaining the highest quality of instruction at St. Gertrude School. The primary purpose of tuition increases is to raise teacher salaries.

What are projected operational and maintenance costs for the new school compared with the old school?

Despite increased space and amenities, the operational and maintenance costs for the new school will not be significantly higher than those of the current school.

When the church is being renovated, what provisions will be made for weddings and Sunday masses?

Sunday masses will continue to be held in our beautiful church while restoration efforts are under way from August through December 2002. Scaffolding and other equipment, as well as folding chairs, may cause minor inconveniences for worshipers during this period. We will work with couples to accommodate weddings.

Will the school maintain a regular schedule during the renovation?

Parish leaders do not foresee a change in our school schedule. School will remain in session throughout the construction period.

Will we use the two adjacent houses we purchased?

The Shawnee Run properties upon which these two houses sit have been included in the master plan for St. Gertrude Parish. The houses will be demolished and the land used to expand parking and improve traffic flow to and from the parish.

Why should I contribute to this project when our world and our economy are so unsettled?

In the face of recent events, the time is right to turn to Christ and to each other. Now, more than ever, it is appropriate to focus on enhancing the faith-based community that sustains us, in good times and in bad. September 11 clarifies our priorities. The needs within this campaign are overwhelming. The time is now. Contributions to the “Open Wide the Doors to Christ” campaign can be spread over as many as four years, and the past has shown us that we can weather the ups and downs of the stock market. With God’s grace, we have recovered from world wars, from the Great Depression, and from turmoil inside and outside of our nation’s borders. With God's grace, we have built a community of faith and fellowship at St. Gertrude's Parish. And with God's grace, as His stewards, we will maintain and enhance that legacy for generations to come.

What assurances do I have that my money will be spent according to this plan?

The “Open Wide the Doors to Christ” campaign — and indeed the entire parish planning process — has been built on accountability, integrity and fiscal responsibility. Father Ken is deeply committed to the long-range vision of our parish and ensuring its success. Additionally, periodic reviews by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati will provide even more oversight and accountability.

Finally, Terri Butler, our business manager, and Kathy Reising, our director of stewardship and development, will apply their professional skills to the successful management of the campaign and construction.

Can I earmark my money for a specific use in the building project?

Stewards can designate their contributions for a specific use in the building project, but parish leaders hope that donors instead will allow campaign managers to fund projects in order of need.

Will my name be on a plaque as a contributor to the campaign?

Everyone who participates in this capital campaign will be recognized in a number of ways, unless, of course, donors wish to remain anonymous. In addition, certain items in the campaign will be available for memorial gifts or naming opportunities.

When and how will I be contacted and asked to give to the campaign?

The campaign will be conducted between January and June 2002. Every parish family will be personally invited to participate, most through home receptions and personal visits. Father Ken and volunteer campaign leaders will manage the invitation process. They will be supported by ISPD, the national Catholic development firm working with the parish in this building and campaign effort.

How much am I expected to give?

The amount of your gift, your pledge, is entirely up to you. To achieve the master vision, it will cost $14 million to $16 million over the next several years. Phase One is a start, and parish leaders hope that each family will make a prayerful stretch in giving for the good of the parish now and for years to come. A sacrificial gift for the future of our parish is a testament to the wonderful work of our Dominicans, talented lay faculty and the dedicated men and women who have built this legacy of faith and fellowship.

How is the campaign organized? What is next?

The “Open Wide the Doors to Christ” campaign will kick off in January 2002 with a Pacesetter reception and an invitation to contribute significant amounts to “set the pace” for the rest of the campaign. The public phase of the campaign begins in April 2002, and will focus on the entire parish family as well as friends and businesses in the community. The divisions for the public portion of the campaign are:

  • Parish Gift Division
  • Education Gift Division
  • Business Community Gift Division
  • Friends Gift Division
  • New Parishioner Gift Division

Campaign 2 “A Time to Build” Letter of Intent

Campaign 2 "A Time to Build " PDF

Time & Talent

All parishioners are encouraged to prayerfully reflect how they can serve God and the parish community and make an intentional decision to join one or more of the wonderful ministries in our parish. Each month, we will feature ministries in the bulletin and website with articles and information that will describe their role in helping parishioners have a closer relationship to Jesus and His church. Please contact the Stewardship office at 561-5954, ext 2111 or by email at
Ministry Contact Name(s) Contact Email(s) Contact Phone Number(s)
Adult Choir Catherine Fishlock

(513) 561-5954
Adult Faith Formation Lawain McNeil

(513) 561-5954 ext. 1123
Angelic Warfare Confraternity Rev. Clement Dickie, O.P.

(513) 561-5954
Athletic Boosters Marc Gerwel

(513) 680-4826
Baptism Team Mike and Mary Clare Peck

Benedictine Oblates Pat & Clyde Dorn,

(513) 791-0988
Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts Boy Scouts: Asst. Scoutmaster: Brian McWilliams, Committee Chair: Jim Pappalardo Cub Scouts: Cub Master: Mike Butler Pack Committee Chair: Chris DeBrunner

Boy Scouts::,

Cub Scouts:

Boy Scouts: (513) 405-1260 (513) 382-8237 Cub Scouts: (513) 607-4435 (513) 379-1010
Catholic Men's Fellowship Chris Nachtrab

Cincinnati Frassati Fellowship (Young Adults) John Dumas

Circle of Prayer Barbara Rose

Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary Brian Zappia

513 791-7299
Contemporary Music Ensemble Paul A. Kindt

(513) 697-9208
Dominican Laity Our Lady of Peace Chapter: Danny Otero, Fred Thomas Bishop Fenwick Chapter: Jonathan Ring

Our Lady of Peace:

Bishop Fenwick Chapter:

Our Lady of Peace Chapter: 703-2255 Bishop Fenwick Chapter: 382-8573
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Rob Lockwood

Familia Anita Pappalardo

Familia - Men Philip Frederick

Festival Committee Cathy Egan

513 290-3391 Cell,
Helping Hands Nancy Lucas

Holy Family Prayer Group Malissa Frohlich, Nick Frohlich,

513 519-5197
Knights of Columbus Grand Knight, Bob Stucker; Deputy Grand Knight, Mark Kosobud; Chancellor, Brendan Sheridan; Recorder, Joe Spitzig; Treasurer, Phil Motz; Advocate, Mark Retta; Warden, Jim Jenkins; Inside Guard, Tim Stoll; Outside Guard, Stan Lloyd; Trustee 3rd Year, Al Stevenson; Trustee 2nd Year, Ryan Gerkin; Trustee 1st Year, Tom Hahn

Ladies of Charity Jean Wilkinson

Lectors Casey Huber

Little Flower Library Susan Santos,,

859 322-9073
Mater Filius - Queen City Maria Resendiz (513) 260-8055
Music Ministries Catherine Fishlock

Natural Family Planning David & Ann Stein

New Parishioner Ministry Parish Office

513 561-5954
Parish Coffee Mark & Nancy Findley

Parish Health Ministry Jeanne Palcic

513 317-4123
Pastoral Council Mark Kosobud, 513-469-0852(Chairperson), Emma Friemoth (Vice Chairperson), Rev. André-Joseph LaCasse, O.P.

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration: Mother of Mercy Chapel Adoration Committee 513 561-5954 x2136
Prayer Ministry for the Dying Pat Collins 265-1897
PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) Sarah Holt

(513) 324-0226
Regina Veritatis Healing Prayer Ministry Patrick Mechley, President, Nealy Mechley, Prayer Coordinator,

Religious Education (for the Youth of the parish) Director of Primary Evangelization: Cindy Wurzelbacher, Director of Jr. High Evangelization: Bryan Wells x2110
Respect Life Debbie Graham, Mary Smithers,

984-4766, 513-321-0819
Resurrection Choir Marty Cunningham

513 891-4226
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) Lawain McNeil

513-561-5954 ext. 1123
Rosary Making Larry Ball

513 646-8523
Saint Anne and the Child Mary Guild - Young Ladies Rhonda Geil, Rev. André-Joseph LaCasse, O.P.

Saint Gertrude School Sr. Mary Aquinas Halbmaier, O.P., Mrs. Elaine Nolte

Saint Joseph the Worker Society - Young Men Rev. Clement Dickie, O.P.

513 561-5954
School Advisory Committee Elaine Nolte or Leah Naumann, Sr. Mary Aquinas Halbmaier, O.P., Travis Johnson,,

(513) 260-5441, (513) 561-8020
Soup Kitchen Andy Cordier, Bill Hoffman

(513) 248-1005, (513) 791-8476
St. Vincent de Paul Society Larry Ball

513 646-8523
Ushers Doug Postler

Vacation Bible School Shari Siebert, Director of Primary Youth Evangelization

(513) 561-8369
Visitation of the Sick Judy Hartman

(513) 984-8003
Women's Group Anne Marie Schmidt

(859) 486-3183
Youth Choir Catherine Fishlock,,

513 368-8191
Youth Evangelization - High School Megan Dickert, Bryan Wells (513) 561-5954 ex. 2110
Youth Evangelization - Junior High School Megan Dickert, Bryan Wells 561-5954