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Stewardship (Giving)

Grounds Care Notes 04/15/12

Did You See Our Sign?
Good gardening days can be unpredictable, so, since we have no regular Saturday dates, we have placed a sign near the KofC entrance to let everyone know when we are gardening. If you can help, even for an hour or two, please stop by! We would love the extra help!


Stewardship and Development 04/15/12

"First impressions are lasting impressions" is a saying my parents always reminded me and my siblings about when we were in a store, playing baseball, at a party, or in church. So often in life, we have chance meetings and encounters with people and places and we form opinions and make judgments based on that initial snapshot of a person, place, or thing. Same is true for our church. We all know St. Gertrude to be a warm and inviting place filled with wonderful people of God. Sometimes though, in our busyness, we don’t take the time needed to make our church as inviting as it can be.

Baby Bottle Fundraiser - 2012

The Knights of Columbus and St. Gertrude Respect Life Committee invites the parish to affirm their support of life by supporting the Baby Bottle Fundraiser on behalf of Old St. Mary’s Pregnancy Care Center. Located in Over-The-Rhine and affiliated with the oldest Catholic Church in Cincinnati, Old St. Mary’s provides care and a safe haven for women seeking help with pregnancy concerns.

Bottle returns:

  1. Collection boxes are placed in 2 entrances in the church: the side door opposite the Parish center and the entrance by the Mary altar that leads to the parking lot. These boxes will be emptied regularly.
  2. Bottles cab be dropped off with Suzy in the Priory or with Jeff Plate in the school.

Stewardship and Development 04/08/12

“If anyone should say to you ‘Why are you doing this?’ reply, ‘The Master has need of it and will send it back here at once.’” — Mark 11:3 “Why are you doing this?” or, better stated, “Why do all of us do what we do?” This is a question that could be asked of anyone who gives time, talent or treasure to the Church, or we can even look in the mirror and ask ourselves this question. Why do we give, volunteer, lead, serve, help, assist, contribute, and sacrifice?

St. Gertrude fifth-grader honored for courage

Courage comes in all shapes, sizes, and circumstances.

For those in the St. Gertrude Bulldogs Football Program, a shining example of courage was presented through a very special young man and his family who faced a rare cancer with rare conviction and courage that inspired coaches and players alike.

Nicholas Holden, a fifth grade student at St Gertrude School, did just that and more.

Stewardship and Development 04/01/12

Thank you to the Scouts and our Grounds Care Ministries, as well as the Knights of Columbus, for helping us celebrate “Stewardship Sunday” last weekend. As you can see by the photos, there is much interest for parishioners of all ages to be an active participant in the livelihood of our church community. Thank you to Stewardship Committee members Cliff Ivester and Dan Hartung for helping coordinate. We are making wonderful progress with other initiatives for the Stewardship Committee.

Stewardship and Development 03/25/12

This weekend is the 2nd to last “Stewardship Sunday” for 2011-12. Please visit with our featured ministries to learn about our parish scouting program and how you may help the parish grounds stay as beautiful as they are by assisting that ministry. Our “Youth Stewardship” program continues to blossom thanks to all our teachers in the school and religious education program, as well as our youth minister. Beyond the actual gifts, what is MOST impressive (and important!) is the growing seeds in our parish youth of every age of giving back to God for all He has given to them.

Knights of Columbus – Super Cash Bonanza 2012

The Knights of Columbus will distribute self-addressed envelopes with one or two tickets enclosed that we’d like you to sell or purchase. They will be available after all the Masses on March 24 and 25. Tickets are $5 and support various charities of the State Council and Archbishop Elder Council #1195 located at St. Gertrude. The Super Cash Bonanza drawing will be held on Friday, May 25 at the Knights of Columbus Convention in Cincinnati.

Stewardship and Development 03/18/12

I am excited to provide our latest “Profiles in Stewardship” for March. Thanks to Pat and Don Schoo, and a host of others, past and present, in the “Fun Bunch” for the wonderful story they provided, but, MOREOVER, the invaluable example of stewardship they have been to the St. Gertrude community, and others through the years, as you read the piece. Next, I hope many of you will stop by “Stewardship Sunday” next week for one of the two remaining opportunities to learn about our wonderful ministries that do so much for the parish and surrounding community. Finally, St.