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Stewardship (Giving)

Knights of Columbus – Super Cash Bonanza 2012

The Knights of Columbus will distribute self-addressed envelopes with one or two tickets enclosed that we’d like you to sell or purchase. They will be available after all the Masses on March 24 and 25. Tickets are $5 and support various charities of the State Council and Archbishop Elder Council #1195 located at St. Gertrude. The Super Cash Bonanza drawing will be held on Friday, May 25 at the Knights of Columbus Convention in Cincinnati.

Stewardship and Development 03/18/12

I am excited to provide our latest “Profiles in Stewardship” for March. Thanks to Pat and Don Schoo, and a host of others, past and present, in the “Fun Bunch” for the wonderful story they provided, but, MOREOVER, the invaluable example of stewardship they have been to the St. Gertrude community, and others through the years, as you read the piece. Next, I hope many of you will stop by “Stewardship Sunday” next week for one of the two remaining opportunities to learn about our wonderful ministries that do so much for the parish and surrounding community. Finally, St.

Profile In Stewardship - The Fun Bunch

Saint Gertrude Church has had something special taking place amongst all of us for many years! The "Fun Bunch," a group of seniors, gathers regularly for fellowship and education. Whether they meet for lunch, host a guest speaker, or are off on an outing, these dynamic parishioners are having a great time!

According to one of the group’s co-chairpersons, Pat Schoo, "the Fun Bunch started in 1988 with several senior citizens meeting with the pastor, Father Vincent Wiseman, O.P., in the parish center for lunch and a program. We were so fortunate to have wonderful friends who volunteered to be the first leaders of our group. Regrettably, some of them have passed away. People like Peg DeCenso and her sister Betty McLaughlin were two of the first leaders we had and Irene Wahl prepared the lunch we enjoyed for years by cooking and baking it in her home. Terry Sullivan did the finances for a while and his wife, Bea Sullivan, was an original member as well. Then, Joyce Meiners, who has been a parishioner for over 56 years, and who started the preparations for the Day of Reflection held each March during Lent, relieved Peg as our leader for a number of years and had catered luncheons. Other initial members included Lois

Fun Bunch - River Still Rising!

FUN BUNCH –– RIVER STILL RISING! Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the 1937 Flood

First stop will be at the recently opened Moerlein Lager House at the Banks at Smale Riverfront Park. Join us for good food on the Cincinnati riverfront with unobstructed views of the Ohio River, the Suspension Bridge and the Northern Kentucky riverfront. It will be fun!

3rd Annual Plant & Bake Sale

Grounds Care Ministry to Host 3rd Annual Plant & Bake Sale ...and more! Once again, we will host this event on the parish grounds on May 19 to coincide with MADEIRA’S CITYWIDE YARD SALE! Highlights of this year’s event is our OWN yard sale where you can rent spaces ($20.00 for 2 parking spaces) to sell your treasures. Spaces must be reserved in advance. We will conduct this event, rain or shine, from 9:00am until 1:00pm by the gym entrance, as well as on Sunday after all morning Masses. Whatever you don’t sell can be donated to a local charity and we’ll take it there for you!

Fun Bunch Day of Reflection: “Thy Kingdom Come”

Come join the Fun Bunch for a delicious lunch and a talk by our beloved Fr. Quinn, O.P. This will be a Day of Reflection, and the theme is "Thy Kingdom Come". All parishioners and guests are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Time: 10:30AM in the Church, Mass will follow and preaching will continue at 1:15PM in the Parish Center.

Stewardship and Development 03/11/12

“You shall not carve idols for yourselves in the shape of anything …” Exodus 20:4

Have you created idols for yourself in different shapes? An idol can be in the shape of money, sports, fashion, travel, or anything else we value more than God and His Word to us. As we enter into the 3rd Sunday of Lent, let’s help each other be accountable to God’s Word and continue our fasting and doing good works above and beyond the pleasures of indulging in idolatry and its related activities. After all, that is what stewardship calls us to do and be — more for others and for our God.

Grounds Care Notes

It’s almost Spring and here are some important dates to remember!

2012 St Gertrude Bulldog Football Registration

The St. Gertrude Football program is open to ALL parishioners in grades K-8th (during
2012~2013 academic year), including SG School, Religious Education and homeschool students!

The deadline to register is Friday, April 13th. The football fee is $140 per player, plus the mandatory $30 Booster fee (1 time per family). A nonrefundable $40 deposit and $30 2012 Booster fee is due by the registration deadline! The balance of $100 is due by May 25th!

Fun Bunch hits their Stride

Saint Gertrude Church has something special taking place within one of its more than 50 ministries.