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Stewardship (Giving)

Festival Veggie Cutting

Volunteers are Needed!

Thurs. June 9th (after 11:30 am Mass)

Help is needed to slice tomatoes and onions, and to wash and cut lettuce and green peppers for the Festival this weekend. If you've volunteered in the past you know that when many hands share in the work, the job gets done very quickly.

Volunteers please meet in the Parish Center on Thurs. after the 11:30 Mass. A pizza lunch and refreshments will be provided. Don't forget to bring a cutting board and a sharp knife!

Dominican Nuns Vocation Retreat

The cloistered Dominican nuns in Marbury, Alabama are holding a Vocation Retreat on the weekend of June 3-5 for young women ages 16-27, to be preached by Fr. Gabriel Torretta, O.P. Retreatants learn about the Dominican nuns’ contemplative life of praise and intercession at the heart of the Order’s Holy Preaching for the salvation of souls, join in chanting the Divine Office in Latin and English, and share in the nuns’ special devotion to Eucharistic Adoration and Perpetual Rosary.

Learn more at

Stewardship Committee Meeting

The Stewardship Committee will meet in the school library on Wed., June 1 at 7pm.

Youth Ministry - Reds Game

Jr. High & High School Youth Ministry Take Me Out to the Ball Game!
Cincinnati Reds vs. Chicago Cubs (June 28)

Get your tickets for the June 28 Reds Game! The cost for the whole event (including your ticket) $20! We will begin with Mass at 5:00pm, followed by dinner. Then, we’ll hop on a bus and make our way to the game.

Download the form from and submit it with your payment asap, to lock in your spot!

When does Human Life Begin? Real Dialogue

By: Fr Chris Saliga, OP, RN for your free use as Parish Bulletin Insert and/or free posting on any number of Web Pages

“Pro-lifers” and “pro-choicers” all too frequently devolve into emotionally charged debates. Think about pundits and politicians on television, radio, and social media blazing through the fog of shouting matches hurling opinions at and past each other. Such fighting is far more damaging than we realize while we are blinded by that tunnel vision called rage. The good news is that, “cooler heads” really can prevail thanks to facts placed squarely on the table. How so?

Ask “Doubting Thomas.” He refuses to believe honest testimony that Jesus has risen from death to life. He stands rigidly inflexible demanding tangible proof. Jesus responds by paying “Doubting Thomas” a merciful visit. Thomas drops all doubt. He joins his friends in knowing that Jesus is in fact alive.

Facts do empower us. How so? They pull us together in exploring truths in their light. Truths? Yes, real truths. Really? OK. Try this with me. First, we know that it is a matter of scientific fact that microscopic “zygotes” are developmentally immature real members of the human species. Given this fact, is it truly reasonable for us to value and love these very young members of our species as real “selves” rather than relating to them as objectified “its?” Here are two well-respected thinkers who say yes, one a scientist and the other a human nature based philosopher.

First, I commend to you Professor Maureen Condic, PhD who serves as an Associate Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Utah, School of Medicine. When I taught bioethics in the past, my students found her contributions to be quite helpful. You can watch and listen to one of her helpful lectures entitled When Does Human Life Begin? A Scientific Evaluation at this free

YouTube link:

Ladies of Charity Planning Meeting

Ladies of Charity Planning Meeting on Saturday May 14th in the St. Joseph Meeting Room at 10 am.

We will make final plans for the Festival, Summer Treasure Mart and Fall Craft Fair activities. Please plan to join us. Invite a friend. Many hands make our work lighter. Any woman who is 18 years or older and is a practicing Catholic is welcome to join.

Need more information, please contact Jean Wilkinson 498-5085.

Make A Difference!!! Building Homes, Changing Lives

All St. Gertrude parishioners are invited to join the Elder Council Knights of Columbus to build a home as a member of the Madisonville Church Coalition of Habitat for Humanity.

No experience is necessary! Knowledgeable Habitat builders provide direction and instruction.

All tools are provided.

Volunteers age 16+ are welcome to build (age 16-17 requires parental supervision).

Volunteers Needed

Bring your skills, talents and interests to Mercy Health-Anderson Hospital. You will have your choice of roles, around your per- sonal schedule, to serve others and enrich your own life. You will receive orientation and training to help you get started and become comfortable in the hospital environment. The gift of your time can be used in over 50 different areas, including: Gift Shop, Patient Partnering, Emergency Department, Radiology Department, Reception Desks, and Dietary Services.

If you’re interested, contact Volunteer Services at Mercy Health-Anderson Hospital, 7500 State Road, Cincinnati, OH 45255, 624-4676.

Sharing Van - Mary Magdalen House

On May 7-8, the Ladies of Charity will be collecting for the Mary Magdalen House in Over the Rhine. The center provides bathrooms and shower facilities for the homeless to clean up, use the telephone and launder one set of clothing. They do not provide meals.

The Mary Magdalen House has special needs for the following items in addition to cash donations:

- NEED BROWN PAPER GROCERY BAGS to hold client’s clothes.

- Clothing (can be used unless noted): Men’s underwear sizes 30-36 (new), thermal long johns, men’s and women’s white socks, washable pants sizes 26-38, belts for men and women, shirts (particularly flannel) sizes L, XL, shoes (particularly gym shoes).

- Cleaning supplies: Drano, Lysol (liquid), laundry detergent, bleach, windshield fluid, Top Job, plastic bags, brown grocery bags, dryer sheets, paper towels, toilet tissue, Mr. Clean.

- Personal Care Items: towels, face cloths, after shave/perfume, Vaseline, baby powder, toothbrushes/paste, combs, Kleenex, personal size shampoo and soap, lotion, Q-tips, spray deodorant.

Please call Jean Wilkinson at (513) 498-5085 with any questions about the Mary Magdalen House or Ladies of Charity. Thank you so much for your help!