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Bishop Fenwick Chapter

Dominican Third Order

Bishop Fenwick Chapter

We are men and women, singles and couples living a Christian life with a Dominican spirituality in the secular world. We find our inspiration following the same spiritual path taken by many saints, blesseds, and other holy men and women throughout the almost 800 year history of the Dominican Order.

In the vibrant life of the Catholic Church, there are many ways toward holiness. Throughout the two millennia since Christ, the Holy Spirit has raised up a multiplicity of different spiritualities to aid laity, religious, and priests in sanctity. Some of the faithful in our own age are called to mature the manner in which they live their faith by joining any of the wonderful new lay movements that have been founded in the 20th and 21st centuries. But the laity who are called to a vocation in the Dominican Order inherit a centuries-old tradition that has remained remarkably intact since 1285, when the Third Order of St. Dominic was formalized.

The Bishop Fenwick Chapter of the Third order of Saint Dominic was formed in 2004. Our focus is on members who have families and family obligations (e.g., young children, school age children). We meet at the St. Gertrude Parish Center on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. All meetings are open to anyone interested in attending and learning more about Dominican life.

For more information please contact:

David Brecount, Formation Director, Bishop Fenwick Pro-Chapter

Contact Name(s): 
David Brecount (Bishop Fenwick Chapter)