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Familia - Men

Please consider joining Men’s Familia, starting this October! Familia is an organization that seeks to strengthen marriages and families through the study of church documents. Come to build authentic community while deepening your understanding of God’s plan for marriage and family! Please contact Philip Frederick at or 520-7260 for more information.

Husbands & Fathers Year 1 - Men and Work

Discover the true nature and purpose of work and its effect on your family. This 8 lesson program utilizes John Paul II's wisdom and vision on the dignity of the human person and the necessity of work for everyone. Men spend the majority of their time at work. Discover how your work and your attitudes toward those you work with can positively affect your family. Your leadership in your family and in the workplace are closely linked.

Husbands & Fathers Year 2 - Fathers and Christian Marriage

Set and achieve goals that win success for you and your family. Give them all they need to thrive in a complicated world.

Husbands & Fathers Year 3 - Fathers and Christian Faith

Free yourself from the confusion of modern life that often keeps men from choosing what is best. Explore the relationship between faith and reason.

Husbands & Fathers Year 4 - Men and Faith

Being a husband and father in today's culture is difficult. But there is a truth that can help you reach the goals you have set for yourself and your family. This 8 session program leads you and a group of guys to develop a greater confidence in making decisions, especially the tough ones. It helps you to live consistently the virtue of your convictions.

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Philip Frederick
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