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News in the Parish

Confession - Advent

Christmas Confessional Schedule

Special confession times have been added to the church schedule as follows:
Monday, December 17 at 7 PM
Tuesday, December 18 at 7 PM
Thursday, December 20 at 7 PM

Attention all prospective coaches for 2013!

Every new coach at St. Gertrude’s is required to participate in a New Coach Training for the SportsLeader Virtue Program that has been incorporated into all athletics at the parish. For your convenience, these trainings are being offered once per month. If you plan to coach this year, or in the future, please attend one of these sessions in 2013 (training for each date will take place in the Parish Center from 7-8pm):

  • January 9
  • February 13
  • March 6
  • April 10
  • May 10

2012 Christmas Directory

  • Fr. Vincent Wiseman, O.P.
    Dominican Friars, Wahubiri
    P.O. Box 24012, Karen
    Nairobi, KENYA

  • Fr. Francis Ralph, O.P.
    St. Rose Priory
    868 Loretto Road
    P.O. Box 71
    Springfield KY 40069

  • Bishop Chris Cardone, O.P.
    Diocese of Auki
    Box A-13 Auki
    Solomon Islands, South Pacific

Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees — Boy Scout Troop 18

Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees — Boy Scout Troop 18

For the 47th consecutive year, Boy Scout Troop 18 will be selling fresh-cut Christmas Trees daily beginning Saturday November 24 at 1:00pm until Christmas, or until they are sold out, whichever comes first. The Scouts will be selling all varieties.

The Christmas Tree lot is conveniently located at St. Savior Church on Plainfield Road north of Galbraith and across from Deer Park High School. Or visit us at Buy a tree while they last: Saturdays and Sundays: 9am-9pm; and weekdays: 3pm-9 p.m. Your boys in Troop 18 wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Parish Feast Day

Baby is Saved at Sharonville Abortion Center through 40 Days for Life

From an eye witness:

“Today, something great happened, and my kids were able to witness this and encourage a young woman. This woman was speaking to a small group of prayer warriors from St. Gertrude when we arrived to pray at the clinic. They had just befriended "C", who was looking at "all her options", but leaning towards choosing life for her baby ("C" is almost 4 months along). We walked with her to both pro-life centers in Sharonville, but found that they are both closed on Thursdays since the abortion mill is closed. Since I knew where Pregnancy Care of Forest Park was located, we were able to connect her to that center, which is open today. "C" was willing to follow us to the pro-life center in Forest Park. We walked into Pregnancy Care and introduced her to Rebecca, who would be helping her. "C" was very grateful for the kindness that the good people from St. Gertrude had shown her, and she was very surprised that we would take time to escort her to the Pregnancy Care Center. "C" hugged all of us goodbye, as we left her and her unborn baby safe with Pregnancy Care. My kids were given that brief moment when you can almost sense the divine. Later this afternoon, an employee from Healthy Beginnings stopped by the 40 Days for Life side and told the prayer warriors present that "C" indeed chose life! "C" was able to see her beautiful child in the ultrasound that was performed. She received much support from Pregnancy Care and Healthy Beginnings.”

The Problems with Same Sex Marriage

Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph.D. makes the case for defending marriage and families by presenting all the problems our society faces in pursuing same sex marriage. Don't miss this thought provoking presentation the gay lobby doesn't want you to hear.

Suggested Reading from the Pastor

  • The Catholic Conference of Ohio invites you to read the September/October on-line edition of our newsletter, E-FOCUS. This issue includes suggested bulletin inserts and educational handouts regarding the upcoming elections. These materials were approved by the Catholic Bishops of Ohio.

    Please click or copy the following link:

Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics

Copyright © 2004, Catholic Answers.

All Rights Reserved.


This voter’s guide helps you cast your vote in an informed manner consistent with Catholic moral teaching. It helps you avoid choosing candidates who endorse policies that cannot be reconciled with moral norms that used to be held by all Christians.

On most issues that come before voters or legislators, the task is selecting the most effective strategy among several morally good options. A Catholic can take one side or the other and not act contrary to the faith. Most matters do not have a "Catholic position."

But some issues concern "non-negotiable" moral principles that do not admit of exception or compromise. One’s position either accords with those principles or does not. No one endorsing the wrong side of these issues can be said to act in accord with the Church’s moral norms.

This voter’s guide identifies five issues involving "non-negotiable" moral values in current politics and helps you narrow down the list of acceptable candidates, whether they are running for national, state, or local offices.
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Catechists and Parent Letter Concerning Respect Life Month

From Fr. André-Joseph LaCasse, O.P., Pastor

The month of October has been designated by the Catholic Church as “Respect Life Month.” The subject of abortion is of course a grave concern in our country and throughout the world. The Catholic Church has been consistent in its teachings that abortion is a mortal sin since it is literally the murder of innocent children. The Catholic Church takes the education of this topic very seriously. It is also very important that parents, working with the Church, realize that they have the primary responsibility to educate and expose children to this important topic.

Donation Form for the Vatican II Hymnal

Donations may be made in memory of a deceased loved one or in honor of a living friend or relative. The donation amount is $20 per book. Names will be printed on nameplates and affixed to the front inside cover of the new hymnals. Please complete and return this form with payment by October 15, 2012.

Making the Case for Marriage

A presentation on "Making the Case for Marriage" will be held in the parish gym from 7 - 9 PM on Thurs. Oct. 4th.

Join us for this compelling presentation with the founder and president of the Ruth Institute, which is devoted to promoting among college students the truth of life-long marriage.

Presenter: Jennifer Roback Morse, Ph. D. a noted economist, author, professor and social commentator.

For more information on the Ruth Institute:

Rosary Crusade - the 95th anniversary of the last appearance of Mary at Fatima

Rosary Crusade on 10/13 - the 95th anniversary of the last appearance of Mary at Fatima - at which Fr. Andre-Joseph will be leading the rosary and Archbishop Schnurr will be speaking.

We are living at the crossroads of history. Christianity, in general, is suffering the negative consequences of the secularization process as Christian morals are considered no longer relevant in modern society. The devastating effect of this ongoing process is quite noticeable in the increased rates of criminality, divorces, pornography, drug and alcohol addictions, illicit sex, and abortions consented and paid for by our tax dollars. So today, more than ever, we need to keep the Fatima message close to our hearts and show sincere appreciation for America Needs Fatima’s efforts in fostering and promoting Christian values in the family and society in general.

As a Lithuanian bishop, I wish to take this opportunity to once more express sincerest gratitude to TFP for assisting our nation in those critical days prior to the restoration of independence that helped Lithuania achieve full independence and most important religious freedom. The collection of 5,218,520 signatures worldwide in 1990 on behalf of Lithuania was a welcome aid for beleaguered Lithuania.

No worthwhile task can ever be achieved without the dedication of and sacrifice of hardworking volunteers. Thus we thank and pray for all those Rosary volunteers who will give their all to make the America Needs Fatima a huge success and whose efforts will bring many to their senses through the powerful prayer of the Rosary. -The Most Reverend Paul A. Baltakis, O.F.M., Bishop for Lithuanian Apostolate (Ret.) Maspeth, N.Y.

More Testimonies and Support for the Rosary Rally Campaign

Anniversary Mass

Celebrating A Wedding Anniversary?

The St. Gertrude Parish community would like to recognize couples who have celebrated or will celebrate their 25th, 50th, or 60th wedding anniversary during 2012. Please give your names and the year of your marriage to the parish secretary, Jennifer Delaney, at 561-5954 no later than September 24. The celebration will take place at the 11:00am Mass on October 14 and will be followed by a parish coffee in the Parish Center gym.

Natural Family Planning Instruction

Attention married couples -

Do you need to space the births of your children? Instruction in Natural Family Planning begins today, September 16, at 1:00pm in the Parish Center St. Joseph Meeting Room. Courses are offered throughout the year here and around Cincinnati/ Northern KY.

For more information contact the Couple to Couple League ( or David and Ann Stein 561-5751.

World Day of Prayer for Peace

World's Desperate Need for Healing

Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R., to speak about the "World's Desperate Need for Healing".

Fr. Andrew is considered to be one of the world's foremost experts on the apparitions at Fatima and his topic will be centered on the messages of Our Lady of Fatima and why those messages are more relevant today than they were then.

Fall Plant & Bake Sale

The Fall Plant Sale is coming September 29 & 30. Mark your calendars!

Plan your new landscaped bed now! Someone donated over 400 potted yellow and red daylilies for our sale (most colors not identified). The are very drought and deer resistant and will bloom several times over the summer.

We will also have decorative pots and houseplants for sale.

Check out our BAKE SALE for great items, most are just $1.00/pack. Great for a snack or an after dinner treat.

Watch for our signs the week before the sale for the exact times it will be held.

Spiritual Book Club

Spiritual Book Club in the lower level of St. Gertrude School.

The Book Club invites you to read St. Teresa of Avila's "The Way of Perfection" with us on Monday nights at 7:30pm. In this work, St. Teresa gives practical counsels and advice on prayer, destined originally for the few nuns who embraced the reformed Carmelite life she established. We will be using the study guide edition with discussion questions.

Call Margo Minutolo at 310-1486, or email for more information.