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News in the Parish

St. Gertrude Men's Retreat Recordings

2016 Advent Retreat - Catholic Men's Fellowship; Fr. Gabriel Torretta, O.P. and Fr. Colm Mannion, O.P.

Kroger’s Community Rewards Program

Kroger Re-Enrollment Time
It is that time again, once a year we need to re-enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards program. During the month of April you can re-enroll and this will become effective May 1. There are two ways to re-enroll;
1) Log onto your Kroger account from and click on your name, all your profile information will appear, at the bottom is the Community Rewards. 2) Call 1-800-Krogers at the first menu press #3. St. Gertrude receives a percentage of your purchases. Last quarter we received $2,067.39, and that was only 205 households participating. Imagine the donations we could receive if all families enrolled. St. Gertrude’s number is 80033. Call the Parish Office with any questions.

Thanks in advance for all your support. Happy shopping!

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Twelve: Baptism and Confirmation

Baptism is the essential foundation of the Christian life, and Confirmation is its definitive turning towards the wider world. In this session, Fr. Edmund explores these two great sacraments.

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Eleven: Moral Decision Making

Dave Ledwin continues our exploration of Catholic moral teaching by explaining the way moral decision making works, and how the grace of God works practically in our lives to help us live toward God.

Tabernacle Has Returned

Our Newly Refinished Tabernacle Has Returned To Us!

As I explained several weeks ago the tabernacle had become very dull over the years and had turned almost an orange/brown patina. We had the tabernacle refinished to match the high altar candles with a two- toned high polish finish. You will also notice that added to the original square tabernacle is a new roof/tent. This was an option that originally was available when the tabernacle was placed in our church, but I would suppose due to the expenses of the building of the church, we did not have the money to purchase the roof to the tabernacle. The entire cost of the refinishing of the tabernacle and the new roof was $8,000, and was completely paid for by the generosity of an anonymous parishioner, who simply asks for your prayers for the parishioner’s family. You will also notice that we have left the tabernacle unveiled. With the reform of the liturgy there are no longer rules that tabernacles need to be veiled, and because it is so beautiful I wanted the parishioners to see it in all its glory. As to if we will veil the tabernacle in the future, I am not sure at this point. The newly refinished tabernacle with the candles on the high altar is indeed a fitting place for our Eucharistic Lord. May we all remember that Jesus in the Eucharistic Species is at the center of our lives; how appropri- ate it is that He is at the center of our sanctuary as well.

Annual Christmas Pageant - 2016

The Annual Christmas Pageant will be performed on
Tues. Dec. 20th at 7 pm
Wed. Dec. 21st at 9:30 am
both are held in the Church.

All parishioners are invited to this annual event.

Veterans Day Collection Thank You

Thank You St. Gertrude Parish for the tremendous support of our Veterans!

The Knights of Columbus collected a large box of personal items and over $500 that will be donated directly to our area VA facilities.

Please join us on December 20th at 7:00pm, in Elder Hall (in the Parish Center basement) as we present your donations to Hank Gieseler, Voluntary Service Specialist, VA Medical Center. Hank will give a short presentation about his office and how our donations are used. Refreshments will also be served.

Student Brothers Christmas CD Available Now

The student brothers of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph have released a new album in time for Christmas purchases, Christ Was Born to Save. It’s excellent! With Christmas classics such as “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing,” “Silent Night,” and “Away in a Manger” the schola of the Dominican House of Studies praises the awesome mystery of the birth of the Son of God.

Your support of this album will aid the formation of the many Dominican student brothers in Washington, DC. This album could be a great way for you to receive the Christmas spirit and to share that spirit with family members and friends through Christmas gifts. Giving them this gift communicates the truth we celebrate at Christmas: Christ Was Born to Save.

CDs can be purchased for $15 immediately in the Parish Office, or from Br. Jonah, Br. Simon, or Br. Brad after Masses on Sunday, January 1, or through the brothers’ daily blog at Thank you for your generosity.

RCIA 2016-2017 Bonus Session: Angels

We got together on November 22, 2016, to hang out, enjoy each other's company, and talk about the angels. This video of our epic two-hour mega session should answer most of your pressing angel questions!

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Ten: Morality and Beatitudes

What makes something right or wrong? Why do we talk about morality as a part of Christian living? In this talk, Fr. André-Joseph explores the basic principles of Catholic morality, and how they set us free to live in the grace of Christ.

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Nine: Grace and the Sacraments

Fr. Edmund explains what grace is, where it comes from, and why it's the source of the Christian life: the very life of God himself. To understand how we live with grace, he then explains what the seven sacraments are and why Christ gave them to us.

Organ Construction Work

Our work on the choir loft for the installation of the new organ will being on November 30. Please be aware that we will be temporarily removing the last three pews on the St. Joseph side to accommodate the choir and the organ while construction is taking place.

Thank you for your understanding.

Advent Choir Concert

Please join us on Sunday, Dec. 4th at 4pm for the annual Advent Choir Concert. A reception will follow in the St. Dominic Lobby.

Discovering our Deepest Desire

Our parish is pleased to once again offer the Marriage Enrichment Program entitled, "Discovering our Deepest Desire" or DoDD. The premise behind this parish ministry is to promote one of the church's most fundamental Sacraments and enhance marriages in our parish community. DoDD has two key tenets:

  1. helps couples renew their understanding of what their Sacramental Marriage means
  2. helps them rediscover each other to make their relationship and covenant a higher priority in the midst of busy lives

The weekly sessions are comprised of lecture, small group activities and one-on-one time with your spouse.

Go to Sign Up Form

Advent by Candlelight - 2016

St. Gertrude Parish invites you to Advent by Candlelight. A lovely night of music, fellowship and reflection for Adult Women of Faith.

Sunday, November 27, 2016 7:00-9:00pm in the Holy Grill (School Cafeteria)
See bulletin for registration form.

Coffee and dessert will be served.
The cost for the evening is $10.
Please make check payable to St. Gertrude, and mail to:
St. Gertrude Parish, c/o Advent by Candlelight, 6543 Miami Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45243.

RCIA 2016-2017 Session Eight: The Church and the Blessed Virgin Mary

What does the Church actually teach about the Virgin Mary? Do Catholics worship her? Where does Catholic teaching about the Mother of God come from? Fr. André-Joseph explores the beautiful history and content of Church doctrine on the role of the Blessed Virgin in salvation and in our lives.

Giving Tree Sign Ups -2016

Christmas Giving Tree Program 2016

The Ladies of Charities will be having signups for our annual Christmas Giving Tree the weekend of November 19-20 and again on November 26-27. Many families throughout our area have a very special Christmas because of our parishioners generosity. Please stop by the Christmas Giving Tree and pick a tag off the tree to help us fulfill the wishes of some very special people. Drop off for the gifts will be December 3-4.

Thank you for your continued generosity. Merry Christmas from the Ladies of Charity!

Adoration Alert

Did you know ... St. Gertrude Parish is made up of 2,500 families. That’s over 6,000 men, women and children. The “Mother of Mercy” Perpetual Adoration Chapel is open 365 days a year, 24 hours in each of those days, and are lovingly maintained/filled by 326 Adorers. We Need Your Help!

Please contact one of our division leaders to volunteer:
12:00am - 6:00am Anita Pappalardo/248-8237 or
6:00am – 12:00am Teresa Babcock/683-5588 or
12:00pm – 6:00pm Jo Anne Nordloh/703-7302 or
6:00pm – 12:00pm Kim Hahn/520-8619 or