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Removing Crosses of the Innocents

Help Take Down the Crosses

We will be removing the Crosses of the Innocents on Friday, November 7 beginning at 8:00am. It is a pretty quick process. To any parishioner who can give an hour of their time next Friday morning, we appreciate your support.

For more information, contact Tom Hahn at 513-831-2386.

Cemetery of the Innocence’s White Crosses

It has come to our attention that some people have asked about the crosses that have names and flowers on them. In the seventeen years, that we have been putting up this display, periodically we have found, that someone has placed a name on a cross, at different times and different places.

No one knows for sure, just why the names are placed there, except for the one that placed it there. Joshua/Donald ─ May-1973 ─ My Body My Blood. This cross was found by one of the children at St. Cecelia’s church, and Fr. Berschide spoke about the cross, at the Sunday homily. He thought it represented a child that died through abortion. As God always finds the good in everything, it happens that this mother was at that Mass and was able to get into “Project Rachel” for her healing to begin.

There were four names from Our Lady of Lourdes, Dominick, Michelle, Angelique and Tommy. Also at this parish a passerby, did not believe that there were 4,200 babies being aborted each day in the United States at that time, so he was referred to the local pregnancy care center, to which he donated $4,200.00.

The cross with My Black Baby on it, was found in the display at Baden High School in Hamilton, OH. The school counselor informed us, that one of the girls was pregnant, at the time she was helping put up the crosses, and changed her mind on having an abortion. Not because of the crosses, but because of the way the kids spoke about the healing, that was available to mothers and not condemning them because of their decision.

The name Agnus was found on one at St. Augustine Church on the river in Augusta, KY. Another cross that is displayed with the name Laurel was found in front of St. Joseph’s Church in Crescent Springs, KY. At St. Thomas Moore in Cincinnati we found five crosses with Rosaries and Ribbons attached to them. The one with “My Angel forgive me” is so very powerful and such a loving statement, from a person at St. Ann’s Church in Grosbeck, OH.

One of the last ones with Justin has been put there, because the originator of their display, is no longer able to continue with their mission, and asked us to continue putting it in our display.

The latest to be found “My Grandchild” was at the Holy Spirit Center in Norwood, OH. In December 2013 we found one that had Carl Redleaf, Jr. at Guardian Angels in Mt. Washington, OH.

We placed flowers on them out of respect for the pain and suffering that they must be going through. One lady wrote a note to Fr. Arnsparger from Corbin, KY, stating that “she was speaking for thousands of women who have nowhere to place flowers on their children’s grave, because they left their bodies at the abortionist.”

Please pray to end abortion and for those that are suffering from it, as well as, for those that are ignoring the teaching of the Church. ― Kay and Larry Sendelbach, 859-441-2712.

Nov 7 2014 - 8:00am
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