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St. Gertrude Digital Archives

Closing the Social Distance Series

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Episode 13: Does social distance eliminate friendship?

Episode 12: What’s the story behind “Closing the Social Distance?

Episode 11: Why does God let bad things happen?

Episode 10: Does home have to peaceful to be prayerful?

Episode 9: Ask Father Anything: How can eating Jesus be dangerous?

Episode 8: Why should we pray the Stations of the Cross?

Episode 7: What does it mean to build a domestic Church?

Episode 6: Who was St. Rocco? Why does he matter now?

Episode 5: Why should we pray to Our Lady of Lourdes in this time pestilence?

Episode 4: How are you doing?

Episode 3: How does everyone benefit from the Sacrifice of the Mass?

Episode 2: What is a Spiritual Communion?

Episode 1: How do we understand the suspension of public Masses?

Mass Recordings

Sunday, 29 March 2020: Fifth Sunday of Lent

Saturday, 28 March 2020: Saturday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Sunday, 22 March 2020: Laetare Sunday

The Mass Recording Playlist: St. Gertrude Mass Playlist

The Aquinas Society of Cincinnati

The Aquinas Society of Cincinnati is an initiative of the Dominican Friars of St. Gertrude’s in Cincinnati. Fulfilling our mission as teachers and preachers of the Truth. We seek to offer to Catholics of Cincinnati the intellectual and spiritual resources they need to stand fast in the faith and grow in holiness. Our events includes lectures, discussions, cultural outings, and performances.

Revolution: 1968-2018 Series

2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of 1968, a turbulent year that marked a turning point in American life. The legacy of that time continues to define our country in culture, politics, and religion. Join us for a series of lectures and conversations on a revolution that has changed our society in profound ways.

Let Us Pray? The Liturgical Revolution of the 1960′s – Professor Christopher Ruddy, Associate Professor, Catholic University of America

A Discordant Time: The Musical Revolution Since the 1960’s – Fr. William Goldin, Priest of Orange County, California and Opera Singer

Who’s in Charge Here? The Church, Society, and Obedience – Fr. Joseph Fox, O.P., Canon Lawyer; Vicar of Canonical Services, Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Catholics in the Public Square: An Election Night Conversation – Fr. Christopher Pollard (Pastor, St. John the Beloved) and Fr. Henry Stephan, O.P.

Friendship with God Series

A 2019 Lenten series featuring several noted Dominican theologians on the history and importance of developing a friendship with God. What does it mean, how does it happen, and how can we deepen this all-important friendship in daily life?

Friendship with God: The Highest Common Good – Fr. Aquinas Guilbeau, O.P.

Friendship with God: The Heart of the Spiritual Life – Fr. Henry Stephan, O.P.

Friendship with God: St. Augustine on Friendship with God – Fr Andrew Hofer, O.P.

Think, Read, Pray: Following the Path of St. Thomas

Presented Fall 2019

How to Think Like St. Thomas – Rev. Philip Neri Reese, O.P., Graduate Student in Philosophy, Notre Dame

How to Read Like St. Thomas – Rev Raymund Snyder, O.P., Parochial Vicar, St. Patrick’s Church, Columbus, OH.

How to Pray Like St. Thomas – Rev. Paul Jerome Keller, O.P., Professor of Sacramental Theology, Mount St. Mary’s of the West Seminary

Standing Fast: Following the Path of St. Thomas Aquinas

Presented Fall 2019

The King’s Servant, But God’s First – Mary Ellen Bork, author and late wife of the late Judge Robert Bork

The City of God and the City of Man – Dr. Check Pecknold, Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology, Catholic University of America

The Catholic Family in Secular Society – Mr. Brandon McGinley, Author

Who is Jesus?

Presented Spring 2020

Jesus, the Giver of Beatitude – Rev. John Corbett, O.P., Professor of Moral Theology, Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception