COVID-19 Guidelines

Regarding Meetings On Campus

Meetings for St. Gertrude ministries will be permitted on the St. Gertrude Campus following these State of Ohio and CDC guidelines:

  • All participants are required to wear a mask.
  • All participants are required to maintain at least 6’ of social distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available to participants. (This will need to be provided by the ministry.)
  • All meetings must be scheduled in advance with the Parish Office: 561-5954 or (Note: If you had previously scheduled space at the parish for this academic year, please call and confirm that space with the Parish Secretary.)
    • Please note that requests for space may not be possible due to social distancing guidelines and the number of participants.  We ask for patience during these times.
  • We encourage groups to use virtual means for meetings whenever possible i.e. Zoom or Google Meet.

Restoring Public Worship at St. Gertrude Church

August 30, 2020 Update

The Archbishop dispenses the faithful from the obligation of attending Sunday Mass. Please do not come if you feel sick. Those who are vulnerable may consider coming to a less crowded weekday Mass. 

Health and Safety Measures

-Keep a prudent distance inside the church. Ushers will help ensure safe seating on Sundays.

-We ask that the faithful wear cloth masks for the sake of the common good. People with breathing difficulties and young children should not wear masks.

-Only friars, sisters, novices, and some staff members will be in the sanctuary and sacristy. Lectors, acolytes, and extraordinary ministers will not serve for the time being.

-Volunteers will help wipe down high-touch surfaces between Sunday Masses.

Holy Communion

-You are not obliged to receive Holy Communion at every Mass you attend. Consider making a spiritual communion, or receiving at a weekday Mass.

-The faithful who choose to receive Holy Communion will come up to the altar rail, where one or two priests will distribute the sacred host. Keep space in line, and only remove your mask at the rail.

-You may receive in the hand or on the tongue, kneeling or standing. Note: the rail is a high-contact surface.