Giving Tuesday – Dec. 1, 2020

Crush the Deficit

2020 has been a doozy for reasons that are abundantly clear. Yet, despite all of the challenges, St. Gertrude has been crushin’ it all year.1 

The weekend before everything shut down, the Friars offered Mass on the hour so everyone could have a chance to come. Once things shut down, the school pivoted and ran an incredible online operation. During the last several months, with the impact of the virus, the parish increased Confession times; one priest was dedicated to be accessible to COVID patients; and the parish provided a daily video update to stay in touch with parishioners. The school raised more than $250,000 to help offset expenses as it re-opened and adjusted to COVID restrictions. Once Masses resumed, the parish increased the number of Masses, launched the Family Faith Program to 100 families, got youth ministry back off the ground, and resumed Tuesday evangelization classes.

Parishioners should be proud. We’ve been crushin’ it all year. And, we’re not stopping now. 

But, COVID has made a dent on our annual budget, and we’ve got a deficit of over $70,000. 

We need to join together and crush the COVID deficit on Giving Tuesday (Dec. 1, 2020).2 

Now, there is another facet to this cause: thankfulness to God for our great parish. We are full of gratitude for the Dominican Friars & Sisters who have provided Sacraments, taught and nurtured our children and ourselves! We are also grateful for what our parish has accomplished throughout this difficult year. 

Donating on Giving Tuesday is Assessment Free (i.e. “tax free”)

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati collects an “assessment” on all donations given to a parish in order to fund the Central Offices and all services provided to parishes. On Giving Tuesday, the Archdiocese will not assess donations, so more of your donation stays here at St. Gertrude. If you were planning on making an end-of-the-year donation to St. Gertrude, Dec. 1 would be a great day for it! 

**Nb. Our giving platform is live and accepting donations prior to Dec. 1. However, donations prior to Dec. 1 are subject to the Archdiocesan Assessment.

**Nb. Our giving platform is live and accepting donations prior to Dec. 1. However, donations prior to Dec. 1 are subject to the Archdiocesan Assessment. 

While we encourage online giving, we understand that some are not comfortable with this. We will accept donations by check brought to the parish office (include memo: Giving Tuesday). These “offline” gifts will be added toward our attempt to meet the Giving Tuesday goal. Persons needing assistance can call or visit the parish office and the staff can help you to make your gift.Please note: all “offline” donations for Giving Tuesday (e.g. cash and checks) will be subject to the Archdiocesan Assessment as well.

1 When used colloquially, “crushin’ it” refers to doing a job particularly well or to exceeding goals. It has a positive connotation as is depicted in this meme.

2When used here, with regard to the budget deficit, the verb “crush” should be taken literally. We want to “compress or squeeze forcefully so as to break, damage, or distort in shape”…the budget deficit, that is.

Instructions for Crushin’ It

  • Go to our donor page
  • Type in the Amount of your gift and submit; then confirm your gift amount
  • Continue as “Guest”
  • Insert your Credit Card # or Checking Account information for an EFT (electronic fund transfer)
  • Push “Submit” and you’ve helped us crush it!

*One can also Text-to-Give by texting 513-586-1943 and using the keyword: Gertrude