Natural Family Planning

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Natural Family Planning David & Ann Stein 513-561-5751
The NFP ministry’s purpose is to teach engaged and married couples how to identify, record, and interpret bodily signs of fertility so that they are able, with high effectiveness, to space the births of their children. Basic concepts of Pope John Paul’s Theology of the Body are also taught so that couples can grow in their understanding of the truth and meaning of human sexuality.

Membership: Couples join in promotion and teaching efforts through personal conviction. Often encouragement from clergy is helpful to get couples started in teaching and promotion.

NFP provides safe, healthy, effective and morally acceptable alternative to contraception that is completely reversible and accepted by the Catholic Church. Classes are taught right here at St. Gertrude by professionally trained teaching couples.
For more information on NFP see:

For information on Natural Fertility Awareness Programs that are medically safe, provide increased health awareness, are effective for achieving or postponing pregnancy, low cost, morally acceptable and facilitate deeper respect between husband and wife, please contact:

1. Creighton Model and NaPro Technology (
Dr. Jason Mattingly, MD, CFCMC at 513-981-5922 Sylvia M. Corson, RN, CFCP at 513-851-1188 or
Rebecca Harpring, RN, BSN, FCPI at 812-222-1881 or

2. The Couple to Couple League Symto Thermal Method ( David and Ann Stein at 513-561-5751
Tom and Colleen O’Rourke at

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