Youth Evangelization – High School

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Youth Evangelization – High School Megan Dickert 513-561-5954 x 2108

Youth Evangelization

Our mission is to seek the face of Christ and invite teens to join on the Way.

Our vision is to make disciples of all youth in the parish. Our core values are:

Community ― Our communal life and activity seeks to model Acts 2:42: “They committed themselves to the teachings of the Apostles and fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayers.”

Discipleship ― We are committed to personal accompaniment in the form of Christian discipleship.Preaching ― We proclaim Jesus Christ to youth through the power of the Holy Spirit operative in the Catholic Church ― inviting teens to encounter Christ through the Word, Sacraments, and community.

Vocation ― Living out the common Christian vocation (call to holiness and charity), and the promotion of each person’s particular vocation as an essential member of Christ’s body.

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Youth Ministry Pages

Youth Ministry
Simply put, our mission is to meet Christ and remain in His love.

In our program, teens find a place where they and don’t have to be fake in order to belong. Our teens receive a challenge that urges them beyond the status quo to lead lives of truth and virtue that result in authentic happiness and real freedom.

High School Youth Ministry (Grades 9-12):
• Meets every Sunday night from 7-9pm in the Parish Center during the school year. We also have numerous trips, retreats, Bible studies, social events and service opportunities.

*No membership fees or cards, just the free participation of a ton of teens!

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Membership: Open to any Jr. High or High School student

Jr. High Youth Ministry (Grades 7-8)
Generally meets one Friday a month from 7:00-9:00pm in the Parish Center.
We also attend Archdiocesan events, and host social events.
Contact: Bryan Wells, (513) 561-5954 or

High School Youth Ministry (Grades 9-12)
Generally meets two Sundays a month as a large group in the school cafeteria from 7:00-9:00pm. Other weeks of the month are spent within small Discipleship Cells that foster deep friendships conducive to mentorship and an enthusiastic engagement with the faith. We also attend Archdiocesan events, national conferences, and run our own series of retreats for high school students.

Visit our website St. Gertrude Youth Ministry