The Novitiate is the house of formation for the men who have just entered the Dominican Order and it is a time of prayer, study, and continued discernment in preparation for profession of first vows. According to the Constitutions of the Order it is “…a time of probation directed to this purpose, namely, that the novices come to know more deeply their divine, and indeed Dominican vocation, experience the Order’s way of life, be formed in the Dominican spirit in mind and heart, and manifest their intention and suitability to the brethren.” The Novices spend time learning to live and pray in community, taking classes on the history and spirituality of the Order, as well as some limited apostolic ministry.

Each new class of novices is a reminder of the ways that God continues to call his faithful to dedicate their lives to him and an encouragement to pray for vocations to the priesthood and religious life. The Novices are a visible presence in the life of the parish regularly attending parish Masses, and occasionally helping out at the school, and in various parish events. Nevertheless, the Novitiate is a primarily a time for prayer and discernment which requires the Novices to spend the year in a somewhat cloistered environment, away from family and friends, and isolated from various distractions. The Dominicans appreciate your prayers and support for the Novices as well as your respect for their privacy.

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