The Aquinas Society 2019 Summer Reading Program

Registration Form for The 2019 AQS Summer Reading Series

The Summer Reading Series is an initiative of The Aquinas Society of Cincinnati, promoting the reading of wholesome, thoughtful books. This summer we will explore three very different works, ranging from Eucharistic theology, to Catholic fiction, to a biography of St. Dominic. Those who participate in the 2019 Summer Reading Program will be able to purchase the book selections at a special discount from our partner, Cluny Media. Participants will receive a reading schedule, a regular podcast of audio discussions, as well as other materials designed to lead you to a deeper and more meaningful reading experience. You can be part of this program from anywhere, whether you're at home, on the road, or at the beach! The 2019 Summer Reading Series will be led by our Dominican Friars and The Aquinas Society of Cincinnati.