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St. Gertrude is a Roman Catholic Parish in the Dominican heritage of prayer, preaching and teaching. Under our Lady’s mantle, gathered as the Body of Christ, we celebrate Him in the Sacraments, Sacred Scripture and in Catholic education. Serving our brothers and sisters in the New Evangelization, we seek to grow in love as we journey with Jesus to God the Father.

Wednesday of the Nineteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Msgr. Sam Bianco - Celebrant, Archdiocese of Toronto

Loretto Abbey, Toronto

Lectionary: 415
Reading 1 DT 34:1-12

Moses went up from the plains of Moab to Mount Nebo,
the headland of Pisgah which faces Jericho,
and the LORD showed him all the land—
Gilead, and as far as Dan, all Naphtali,
the land of Ephraim and Manasseh,
all the land of Judah as far as the Western Sea,

2017 Simple Profession in Ohio

Solemnity of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be celebrated at all masses. At the 11:30 mass the novices will profess their simple vows.

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2017 Parish Picnic - Following 4:30 pm Mass

  • Food served at 6:00pm
  • Parish provides: meat, drinks and place settings
  • Parishioners bring: sides and desserts (bring to parish center before Mass; label all items with your name if you’d like it returned)

Enjoy Fellowship with parishioners old and new!

Celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year!

Contact: Jeremy Corsmo (

Science and the Seven Days

A Workshop on Faith and Reason

with Dr. Robert Endorf and Fr. Thomas Davenport, O.P.

September 9th, 8:30 am -1:00 pm
St Gertrude Parish Center
Breakfast Provided

From the Pastor 08/13/17

For the next few weeks I am going to give some presentations on our Holy Father St. Dominic. I hope these Pastor’s columns will help you to understand the great Saint who is the founder of the Order of Friars Preachers, and also enjoy some art as well.

The Life of St. Dominic

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings glad tidings, announcing peace, bearing good news, announcing salvation, and saying to Zion, “Your God is King.” This selection from the 52nd chapter of Isaiah is a perfect description of the life of Our Holy Father St. Dominic, and is used as the First Lesson for the Mass of St. Dominic.

“Dominic was a Castilian priest, probably of aristocratic birth ― late medieval tradition connects him with the noble family of Guzman, which owned property at Caleruega, his birthplace. He had been educated in the schools of Palencia, and as a young man he became a canon in the Cathedral of Osma. At the time he joined it, the chapter of Osma had only recently been reconstituted as a community of canons regularly living according to Rule of St. Augustine. The canons regular were a hybrid order of clerical monks. They had come into existence during the eleventh century in response to reform, which exhorted the secular clergy to live in communities on the model of the early apostolic Church.” Lawrence, The Friars, p. 66.

What to do with so many people ignorant of Christian truth? This must have been the burning question on Dominic’s mind as he traveled through southern France with his own bishop, Diego de Azvedo, on a diplomatic visit to Denmark, in 1203. There in southern France he came in contact with Albigensian or Manichaean heretics, who attributed the creation of the world to an evil God, thus all created things were evil. Dominic was deeply troubled by the people’s ignorance of the gospel, which made them so vulnerable to this revival of the ancient heresy of Gnosticism (secret knowledge given only to the privileged enlightened).

Finally after his second visit to Denmark, Dominic could contain himself no longer. With his bishop he traveled to Rome and begged Pope Innocent III to send him on a mis- sion of preaching. Thus began the itinerant preaching life of Our Holy Father Dominic.

2017 Vestition

10 Men clothed in the habit of St. Dominic on 8 August 2017

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Mother of Mercy Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

Please prayerfully consider your availability to spend one hour each week in intimate conversation and quiet meditation with your Lord.

Take a look at the openings in the schedule. We would like to fill each hour with at least 3 adorers. In the chart on the right the red dots indicate time slots that only have one scheduled adorer, and the black dots have NO scheduled adorer. Any time slot you could commit to would be a blessing for our parish community and yourself!

If you would like to become one of our Perpetual Eucharistic adorers (also known as a Eucharistic Guardian), signup by using the form below.

Please contact the Adoration Committee if you have any questions or would like more information.

Division Leaders info & hours:

ADORATION direct Phone & Email:

Fatima Talks at Presentation Ministries

Fatima talks at Presentation Ministries given by Anne Collins July 26, 2017.

The Fatima Visionaries and Spiritual Childhood

Miracle Hunter - Michael O'Neill (Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center)

All are invited to hear Michael O’Neill, the “Miracle Hunter”, speak at OLHSC on August 31, 22017. Michael is a celebrated Mariologist, Radio host (Relelvant Radio’s “The Miracle Hunter”) and author of books, 365 Days with Mary and Exploring the Miraculous. He has been interviewed numerous times on EWTN’s News Nightly and Bookmark, and on Catholic radio like the Catholic Channel on Sirius XM, as well as secular media outlets like “Fox & Friends” and Live Science magazine. As we mark the centennial of Our Lady of Fatima, Mr. O’Neill will share his knowledge of Fatima and other Marian apparitions during his 7 pm talk.

Honor Flight Presentation

Prayer Shawl Ministry

“Knitted by hand and threaded with prayers of love and hope, this shawl is a gift to you. May it bring blessings of comfort, gifts of warmth and the knowledge that you are loved.”

St. Gertrude Prayer Shawl Ministry will be handing out shawls Sunday, August 27, after 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am
Masses. Each shawl is stitched with prayers for your loved one. We will also be signing up new members. Would
you like to pray for others and have a handmade item as a result of that?

Academic Excellence

True Devotion to Mary Study Group

Join us in studying what is considered by many to be "the greatest single book of Marian spirituality ever written," (TAN Publishers). True Devotion to Mary has influenced countless souls, including St. John Paul II and Blessed Mother Teresa.

DVD presentation at St. Gertrude begins Aug. 29th, 2017 and runs through May 22nd, 2018. It will conclude with Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary on May 31st, 2018 following the 11:30am Mass. A complete schedule is available in the Attachments Section below. Please consider reading Anne's "TDM Introduction" document before you begin the study. It can also be found in the Attachments Section below.

Meetings at St. Gertrude will be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month from 12:30 - 2:30 pm in the parish center lobby.
Click here to register for class at St. Gertrude.

Additional DVD presentations are being offered at the following locations:
Please Note: Schedules can be found in the Attachment section below.

  • Immaculate Heart of Mary in Anderson, Wednesdays 9:00 am, begins Aug. 30th
    Contact person:  Holly Farmer - 513-349-1767,
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary in Anderson, Tuesdays 7:00 pm, begins Aug. 29th
    Contact person: Joann Armstrong - 513-474-1139,
  • St. Frances De Sales (Angie Cole's house), 1272 Weathervane Way, Lebanon,
    Monday Mornings 9:15-11:30 am, begins Aug. 28th
    Contact person: Angie Cole,
  • St. Frances De Sales (Scott and Jill Corbett's house), 732 Cedar Ridge Drive, Lebanon 45036
    Tuesdays 7:30 pm, begins Aug. 29th, Contact person: Jill Corbett - 513-678-4150,
  • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Tuesdays 7:00 pm, begins Aug. 29th
    Contact person: Eileen Devereux - 513-575-3417,
  • St. Margaret of York (Leslie Bort's house), 8176 Leeshore Dr, Maineville,
    Tuesdays 9:30 am, begins Aug. 29th
    Contact person: Leslie Bort - 513-398-7999,

Ye Shall Know the Truth - a series of 50 talks by the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Venerable Fulton John Sheen (born Peter John Sheen, May 8, 1895 – December 9, 1979) was an American bishop (later archbishop) of the Catholic Church known for his preaching and especially his work on television and radio. His cause for canonization as a saint was officially opened in 2002. In June 2012, Pope Benedict XVI officially recognized a decree from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints stating that he lived a life of "heroic virtues" – a major step towards beatification – so he is now referred to as "Venerable".

Ye Shall Know the Truth - a series of 50 talks by the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. (Select Read more to see all 50 talks.)

Do you know your faith? Will your children know their faith? Will they ever really know the heritage that was purchased for them on Calvary?
Archbishop Sheen 1.  The Philosophy of Life
Archbishop Sheen 2.  Conscience
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